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But right now, since creative is king…

Today we’re going to walk through a simple (but powerful) 2 step YouTube Shorts Ad creative formula you can start using to build high-performing YT shorts ads, asap.

Let’s take a closer look at one brand doing a great job using this YouTube Shorts ad formula…

Dissecting this Brand’s Success on YouTube Shorts…

Tuning into VidTao 2.0’s testing volume dashboard, we can see that TripleTen Online Coding bootcamps has been scaling hard on YouTube + YouTube Shorts since 2023:

Check all TripleTen’s ads & landing pages here

Let’s see how they’re doing it…

Step 1: Find a Relevant Trending ORGANIC YouTube Shorts Angle

The “What do you do for a living?” angle is 2 years old but still going strong on YouTube Shorts, like this one with 21 million+ organic views:

Modeling the Organic “What do you do for a living?” angle is smart for TripleTen, since their offer is all about giving you a new, better career in tech.

Step 2: Turn it into an ad

Watch TripleTen’s top ads inside VidTao, and you’ll see how they have leveraged this specific angle like crazy.

Here are 2 great examples scaling right now:

This one has 3.6 million paid views in the past 3 weeks (that’s an estimated $150k+ adspend): 👇

See the ad & landing pages inside VidTao

And this one (same format) with a whopping 6.7 million paid views since launching in March 2024: 

See all of TripleTen’s YouTube Shorts ads & landing pages inside VidTao


To summarize, here’s the 2-step framework:

Step 1: Find a relevant, trending YouTube Shorts / TikTok angle
Step 2: Adapt organic angle into an ad

Now let’s take a quick look at some takeaways from looking at how TripleTen used this proven organic angle to make high-performing YouTube Shorts ad creatives:

  •  📹 Similar Opening and Style:
    • Both videos start with the same question: "What do you do for a living?" This instantly hooks viewers by using a familiar and trending format.
    • The casual, street-interview style is maintained, where individuals are approached randomly and asked about their professions.
  •  👥 Engagement and Relatability:
    • The organic short features various people with diverse occupations, which keeps the content relatable and interesting.
    • The ad does the same but strategically includes a software engineer from Netflix, leveraging the popularity and aspiration associated with tech jobs and well-known companies.
  •  🔄 Seamless Integration of the Ad Content:
    • The ad subtly transitions from the engaging question-answer format to introducing TripleTen by asking about the job and salary of the software engineer.
    • It addresses a common pain point ("I'm in the wrong career") and provides a solution ("there are actually some boot camps...") naturally within the conversation flow.
  •  💼 Highlighting the Benefits:
    • The software engineer mentions the benefits of her job, such as remote work and travel, which are appealing to many viewers.
    • The ad builds on this by highlighting that TripleTen can help others achieve similar career benefits, making the viewer more receptive to the advertised service.
  •  ✔️ Call to Action and Trust Building:
    • The ad mentions that TripleTen graduates work at top companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Tesla, adding credibility.
    • It also includes a guarantee of employment or a refund, which reduces perceived risk and encourages viewers to consider the boot camp.
  •  👋 Natural Conclusion:
    • The ad ends with a friendly farewell, similar to how the organic short concludes, maintaining the same casual and conversational tone throughout.

Go here to see all of TripleTen’s YouTube Shorts ads + landing pages inside VidTao 2.0.

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