2022 has been a big year for eCommerce YouTube ads at our video traffic agency Inceptly,

(And we're doing a big training on the topic next week - more on that below...)

But before we get to that, we put together this free 2022 eCommerce YouTube ad creative checklist for you.

To give you a shortcut to finding success & scale with eCommerce offers on YouTube.

Inside you'll see some of the biggest takeaways we've had over the past year while successfully scaling many eCommerce offers with YouTube ads.

👉 Download it here: vidtao.com/ecommercechecklist2022

Now, about that eCommerce YouTube ad training next week I was talking about...

At our agency Inceptly we have managed over $150 million usd on YouTube, have a team of 30+ including account managers, live action production team, creative managers & copywriters, editors/animators and many more.

It would be great if we could go into even more detail on what makes a successful eCommerce YouTube ad:

* From pre-production

* To production

* To post production

* To campaign setup, testing, launch, iteration and scale

And that's why next week, inside VidTao Premium, our Creative Director Aleksa Simic is going to do just that.

The training is going to be inside the VidTao Premium app and will be for VidTao Premium members only. 

Want in? 

Go here to claim access:

👉 https://next.vidtao.com

New VidTao Premium Content: YouTube Ad Creatives & YouTube Ad Media Buying Course just released

VidTao Premium is all about giving you the tools & training to succeed on YouTube and other video ad platforms.

Not only does VidTao Premium give you unlimited access to our YouTube Ad Library...

It also gives you access to training from our team, like this:

YouTube Ad Media Buying: Setup + Steps to Scaling to $10k/day and beyond - with Mirna Peric, our all-star account manager & media buying leader.

Mirna has scaled several of our biggest accounts at our agency Inceptly (with over $150 million USD managed), and inside this course you're going to see exactly how we do it at Inceptly.


* Account and campaign setup: step by step guide to setting up, launching and scaling campaigns

* Targeting "traps" and how to leverage Google's AI for higher intent & scale on YouTube

* Inceptly Offer Deep Dive: our research framework behind $150M in adspend

* And much more...

How to get access?

Go HERE to secure your VidTao Premium membership: 👇👇👇

👉 https://next.vidtao.com

...And we'll send you access to this training + give you full unlimited access to the tool.


This week we'll also be releasing courses on:

* Multi-touch tracking setup training...

* How to: Building high-performance creatives on a budget...

* How to create eCommerce Video ads that scale on YouTube & other video traffic...

When you join VidTao Premium, we'll send these your way as soon as they're ready!

Join VidTao Premium now:

👉 https://next.vidtao.com/

And btw...

...Got questions about YouTube ads for eCommerce?

Hit the comment below this blog post to let us know, and we'll make sure to cover your specific questions on next week's training!

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What are your YouTube ad questions?

In the meantime though, what questions do YOU have about YouTube ads?

Let us know in the Comments section below, and we’ll make sure to cover your question in an upcoming post.

Have a great week!

The VidTao Team


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