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2022 eCommerce to provide YouTube ad Creative Checklist

Creativity is king when it comes to making YouTube ads work, at scale, for your eCommerce product.

Want to scale your eCommerce product on YouTube? 

Follow this checklist when you produce your creatives:

✅ Strong opening 10 seconds

Remember: if you’re running smart bidding campaigns like target CPA, Maximize Conversions, etc., you are paying for impressions, not views.

How does Google determine your cost for those impressions?

A big piece to the puzzle: how well your ad gets users to engage - with an engagement defined as a viewer watching past 10 seconds or clicking on the ad.

How to do it: Share 2-3 sentences about the product in the opening 10 seconds:

  • What does it do?
  •  Why it’s unique?

Watch how this earwax cleaner video from Tvidler (with over $500k adspend in 2022) does this in the opening 10 seconds:


Bonus: Test anchoring a price in the first 10 seconds (and discount it later). We’ve seen this work extremely well.

✅ Show, don’t tell

Don’t rely on narration. SHOW the product working.

This ad for a SuperZoom scope (w/ $700k+ adspend) shows how you can zoom in on a grasshopper from 100M+ away, giving you an “ownership experience” of what it will be like to use the scope yourself.

Split-screen setups showing features/benefits can also be a great way to do this, like one of our favorite ads from those master marketers at 4Patriots: 

✅ Show very clear before/after results

This is non-negotiable: Show the results before and after using the product.

A clear case in point here from Snow teeth whitening.

Note: Some other types of gadgets (wifi boosters etc.) can require a bit more creativity to show before/after results. But do what you can to show the product’s impact.

Notice how this wifi booster ($450k+ adspend) does it:

If results aren't super clear to demonstrate, having a strong Founder-backed story (our next point) becomes especially important…

✅ Relatable & Impressive Founder-backed story

People crave that a product is endorsed by an authority figure.     

 ●    Key points:

              ○   Relatable founder, with a strong education or some kind of 

                   credible technical background
              ○   A founder is a good person: they intentionally keep the prices 

                   low despite the pressures of big business

You’ll see this theme again and again in successful videos. Here is just one example.

Bonus points for the origin story: People love Japanese-related origin stories.

Nuubu foot patches’ massive success is just one example of this.

✅ Conspiracy/anti corporate greed angle

People love the anti-corporate greed angle - emphasize this.     

  • example: founder as employee branching off to start his company after he discovered the horrible industry corruption etc.
  • people enjoy buying from people who they believe to be a small business
  • Underdog narrative

Example: this “small drone startup” who got tired of seeing big drone brands selling drones for $700 that cost just $60 to produce.

✅ Re-iterating important points multiple times in the video

Re-iterating important points multiple times in the video
              ○   Pricing
              ○   Guarantee
              ○   Scarcity
              ○   Call to Action

Notice how 4Patriots does this, in what is arguably the lowest budget YouTube video of all time! (And it works, thanks to their great offer and great messaging)

✅ Third-Party Validation

Call it “social proof”, “validation” or whatever you want. The point is, to build trust & belief by showing your viewer that other people are using the product and getting great results.

     ●    Social media 3rd party validation
                ○   “Over X million sold”
                ○   show a montage of UGC showing a bunch of people using 

                      the product
                ○   Overwhelming montage of before / afters from customers

Snow teeth whitening does great mashing up everyday user reviews + celebrity endorsements here.

✅ Maintain viewer’s attention & control impulse to open new tabs:

Control your viewer’s tendency to multi-task and keep them focused on your video by doing the following:

      ●   Make an offer as exclusive as possible to the video ad
      ●   Need to retain the traffic / retain their attention on the video.      

            Control impulse to open new tab & search for the product
                  ○  Say "This is not on amazon" or any other channels. 

                       (Prevent viewer from opening up another tab to search on   

                  ○  Don't say the name of the product until later in the video 

                       (Prevent viewer from opening up another tab to search for  

                       the product name.)

✅ Make the price irresistible

Ideally, you want to make the product a “no brainer” offer. How to do this?  

      ●   Make the price irresistible - make a massive discount vs. price 

            anchored at beginning of the video
                ○  “Today, instead of $100 you can claim 50% savings when you 

                      click the link in this video & claim product X for just $50…” 


✅ Strong CTA finish

Don’t skimp on the call-to-action (CTA). We like to aim for at least 15 seconds at the end of the video, devoted to giving the viewer compelling reasons to click through now and not later, and take advantage of the offer presented in the video:

     ●    Last minute of video: Pure administrative closeout: pure "icing on  

            the cake" getting the viewer to click through & take action
               ○   spoon feed the viewer exactly what to do: "click the link 

                     below" "claim the discount"
               ○   Provide explicit countdown: “You have 10 seconds to click 

                     through and claim this”. Add a countdown timer to build more 

               ○   Add arrows etc. to make where to click crystal clear

Key General Points:

     ●    Find ways to create real value  & interest in a shorter amount of time.
     ●    Follow the formula above & make every sentence matter.
               ○    Ask yourself for every sentence: "what is the purpose of this 

                     sentence?” Is it emphasizing any of the essentials from the    

                     list above?

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What are your YouTube ad questions?

In the meantime though, what questions do YOU have about YouTube ads?

Let us know in the Comments section below, and we’ll make sure to cover your question in an upcoming post.

Have a great week!

The VidTao Team


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