About VidTao

VidTao: Grow your business with the power of YouTube advertising

At VidTao we provide:

  • Tools
  • Solutions
  • Community
  • Support

…To take the guesswork out of using YouTube ads to scale your business.

Our solutions include:

VidTao.com – the internet’s #1 free destination for learning more about how to use YouTube ads, including:

  • YouTube Video Ad Breakdowns: Get frameworks you can model to create your own high-performing YouTube ads, no matter what your budget.
  • Step-by-step “how to” Guides & Tutorials: Use the techniques & strategies that we are using now to manage over $1M/mo in YouTube adspend.

VidTao YouTube Ad Spy Tool & Library – Our proprietary Youtube ads research tool and library allows you to find your competitors’ best ads, and discover the best targeting options so you can leverage what’s already working in your market right now.

VidTao Community – The private slack community where we and other top YouTube advertisers share what’s working, right now, giving you a huge competitive advantage over competitors in your market.

VidTao Team – Our team manages over $1 Million USD per month in profitable YouTube adspend for clients across markets including:

  • Digital Information products
  • Ecommerce
  • Live events