VidTao 2.0 Update: New Affiliate Network Ad/Offer Tracking!

Ever wanted to see a breakdown on what ads & landers are scaling big on all your favorite affiliate networks, right now?

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VidTao Co-Founder Brat Vukovich shared a big update on VidTao 2.0 inside the private VidTao Discord channel:

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Here’s what’s so great about this update to VidTao 2.0:

Inside VidTao 2.0 you can see breakdowns by affiliate channel for all the major affiliate networks like Clickbank, Digistore, MaxWeb and more.

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Now let’s take a look at the top ad on Clickbank, where the affiliate has spent over 300k on a single ad:

Breaking down one of the #1 Clickbank YouTube Ads/Offers

Here’s the ad, for an affiliate of ProDentim that drives to a pre-sell page (find it in VidTao 2.0 along with all the other landing pages!)


Quick Summary:

ProDentim is primarily sold by the offer owner via a full-length VSL.

This ad is a pre-sell that grabs attention to get clicks to the affiliate's landing page. The affiliate can then send traffic to offers that might not fly if advertised directly. The goal here is not overloading the viewer with too much info. Just give them a taste of the problem and solution so they click for more.


Here’s why the “Hook” in the first 10 seconds of your YouTube ad are so important:

⚠️ Why Your YouTube Ad’s 1st 10 seconds Matter:

👍 “hook” the user’s attention and get them to stay past when the “skip ad” button becomes clickable

👍 acts as an “ad quality” signal to Google that when done correctly will drive down your cost of traffic (and drive down your CPA as a result)

(Want more explanation on WHY this is all the case? We go into way more detail on all this in
a blog post we did here)

And here are a few ways this ad excels in capturing user attention in the critical first 10 seconds:

  • Visceral Visuals - The vivid purple substance and act of painting it on a fingertip grabs attention and creates intrigue. The visual immediately connects to the concept being introduced.

  • Clear Audio - The AI speaker enunciates clearly and slowly, ensuring the key phrases are understandable. Matching text captions reinforce the message.

  • Captivating Concept - Rebuilding gums and teeth without a dentist is an appealing concept that connects to a common problem or desire. It presents a before-and-after transformation.

  • Direct Promise - The ad makes a specific, tangible promise of value right away. No vague claims or filler here.

  • Plain Language - Using simple, everyday words like "melt" and "rebuild" makes the message universally relatable. No jargon.

  • Immediate Solution - It introduces a solution to a problem in the first seconds. Viewers gain value upfront.

By combining highly visuals, a direct promise, plain language, and an immediate solution, the ad quickly orientates the viewer, generates interest in the concept, and provides value - key ingredients for overcoming the "skip" in the ultra-short first 5 & 10 seconds.

Full ad breakdown

Now let’s do a quick breakdown on the full ad using Gary Bencivenga’s Persuasion Equation to show you where this ad shines & where it might be able to improve:


Urgent Problem (25/25 points)

The ad clearly establishes the urgent problem of gum disease, tooth decay, and dental issues ("bleeding or receding gums gingivitis gum infections toothaches or Decay bad breath or any type of periodontal issue" - 00:46-00:53)

Presents it as an immediate threat to quality of life ("this discovery could save your life" - 00:56-00:58)

Unique Promise (25/25 points)

Promises a breakthrough solution for regrowing gums and teeth ("natural way to regrow teeth and gums" - 00:06-00:09)

Claims the method can be done from home ("easily be done from home" - 00:32-00:34)

Unquestionable Proof (15/25 points)

Hints at proof through testing ("worked for more than 127 000 people" - 01:08-01:11)

Proof will be heavier in the actual “conversion mechanism” itself, (in this case the VSL). Here it plays a secondary role in this initial ad where the goal is to agitate the problem enough and provide enough curiosity about a unique solution to get the click to the next step in the funnel…

User-friendly Proposition (25/25 points)

In addition to the countdown timer above (always a best practice to implement), notice the strong urgency in CTA to click through to the next page and watch the full video ("stop everything you're doing and click the link below" - 00:58-01:02)

Is the Ad itself Valuable? (20 Bonus Points) [Score: 10/20 points]

The ad gives just enough information on method to pique curiosity ("powerful sour liquid" - 00:15-00:19)

The “Full Reveal” of the value will be delivered in the VSL.

So - With these criteria in mind, how can you improve your own ads? Go ahead and look at your ads through the Bencivenga Persuasion Equation and see what opportunities present themselves!

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