Did you miss these 130+ expert training videos at VidTao?

Have you explored our “Trainings” section recently? We want to make sure you’re fully utilizing its potential. With over 130 training videos now thoughtfully categorized into 5 user-friendly learning paths, VidTao Premium users can discover a wealth of knowledge.By the way, if you haven’t seen or used the training module before, here’s how to get… Continue reading Did you miss these 130+ expert training videos at VidTao?

He used “Dark Posting” to scale from $60k/mo to $100M in less than 18 months

Imagine skyrocketing from 60k/month to an astonishing $100M in revenue in just a year and a half! 🚀 Intrigued? You should be. Grab a seat and let’s uncover the secrets behind this strategy, including some surprising oversights by even the giants in D2C. We’re talking real-deal examples and insights from the newest tools in the game, VidTao 2.0. Ready to dive deep? Let’s get started!

Understanding Affinity, In-Market, Life Event & Custom Audiences

The Ancients used to say that “knowing thyself” was the key to success in life; in marketing, there could be a similar saying: “Know thy audience.” This might seem like a banal motto, but much like the earlier philosophical phrase, it hides behind it a surprising amount of depth.