In today's VidTao blogpost we're going to share:

✌️ How to use 2 Native/Display ad "Cheat Codes" to take a winning offer & scale the same (or similar) offer with YouTube ads...

👨‍🎨 The 4 part "Persuasion Equation" the "Michelangelo of direct mail copywriting" used to beat any ad (and how you can use it to build high-performance YouTube ad creatives from scratch...)

Ready? Let's get started...

Use these 2 Native/Display ad "Cheat Codes" to take a winning offer & scale the same (or similar) offer with YouTube ads...

Do you (or your competitor) have an offer working well on Native or Display ad networks? (Like Google Display, Outbrain, etc.)

Great news: you actually have the "Cheat Codes" for scaling this same (or similar) offer with YouTube ads.


Let's take a look at Nuubu detox foot pads (

Notice inside SimilarWeb how Nuubu really started scaling in December 2020:

Looking in Vidtao it looks like Nuubu's top 4 YouTube ads were all launched towards the end of 2021:

Performance screenshot from

Back to SimilarWeb. Look at the traffic breakdown. 33% of traffic is from display traffic:


Of that, we're mostly talking about Google Display:

So what kind of ads are they running on Display / Native?

Here are a couple of the best performers (you can see all their display ads in Similarweb):

Sidebar: The International Connection...

Notice something about these ads?

(besides the obvious foot obsession)

Nuubu is scaling this offer outside of English speaking markets, hard:

In fact, just 30% of traffic is going to English-speaking countries.

(This is going to be very relevant for a future post on how to scale YouTube ads internationally. Respond to this email to let us know if you'd want to see a post on this...)

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☝️Cheat Code #1: Swipe Yourself

Now let's look at the opening seconds of one of their best performing videos: 

Look familiar?

It's the same imagery + headline they're using to scale on Display / Native.

So here's Cheat Code #1:

Got a proven Display image + headline that's getting people to pay attention and click?

Swipe that image + headline for the 1st seconds of your YouTube ad.

Remember Gary Halbert's  #1 rule of direct mail, from our last email:

Get people to "open that envelope."

That's why the 1st part of your YouTube video is the most critical.

Fail to create interest & curiosity here?

No one will stick around to watch the rest of the ad.

Succeed with this & you have another challenge:

The rest of your ad.

What do you do for that?

Let's talk about it...

☝️Cheat Code #2: "Lego Brick" your Persuasion Equation

 image credit:

Let's re-visit a framework from someone who has been called the "Micholangelo of Direct Mail" - Gary Bencivenga:

Gary cut his teeth working with Hall-of-Fame copywriters/marketers like John Caples and David Ogilvy, and he's widely thought of being the world's "Greatest Living Copywriter."

Gary was well known for being able to beat nearly any current winning ad.

How? We'll get into more of the details in upcoming emails.

But for today let's focus on one of his most powerful frameworks:

The Bencivenga Persuasion Equation.

What is it?

In a nutshell, in order to persuade someone to perform an action (watch, click, buy, etc.) , you need to present the following:

The Bencivenga Persuasion Equation

1) Urgent Problem (problem, want, desire)

2) Unique Promise (not the same promise shouted by countless others)

3) Unquestionable Proof (to make your promise utterly believable)

4) User-friendly Proposition (to make it almost irresistible to act)

If you know that an offer converts cold traffic to customers, you know these  Persuasion Equation elements are in place.

So whether you're scaling your own offer or using your competitors' Native/Display funnel as intel for your own offer, the Persuasion Equation elements you'll use to to create your winning YouTube ad are hiding in plain sight:

On the advertorial + sales pages.

So find them & "Lego Brick" them together to create your YouTube ad.

How to fit all these bricks together?
Here's a great place to start:

[Lego Brick 1] Swiped image + headline from your Native/Display ads

Lego Brick 2] Urgent Problem

Lego Brick 3] Unique Promise

Lego Brick 4] Unquestionable Proof

Lego Brick 5] User-Friendly Proposition

Let's take a quick look at how Nuubu does this:

We've already covered Brick 1 (the intro).

Let's see how they swiped the rest of their Persuasion Equation "Bricks" from one of their advertorial & sales pages:

[Lego Brick 2] [Urgent Problem]

Notice from 00:10 - 00:30 how the ad links many common issues (weight gain, skin problems, stress, pain) to "new toxins" we're now being exposed to.

Here's that swiped section from the sales page:

[Lego Brick 3][Unique Promise]

Video 00:05-00:10

"just apply them before bed and wake up feeling refreshed and clear as you peel off decades of built up chemicals and toxins"

The advertorial shows this unique promise of ease-of-use + powerful results with a banner above the fold:

[Lego Brick 4][Unquestionable Proof]

Here's the breakdown from the video:

01:00-01:30: Science back-story explaining discovery story
02:30-02:40: Sold out in 2 days
02:40-03:20: On-camera user testimonials

In fact the advertorial does a couple things:

1) Provides additional proof
2) The story format itself acts as a powerful delivery mechanism for the sales argument

 Here's a great quote on point #2:

"Think of story as the API that helps you effectively interface with somebody's brain." - Matthew Woodget

[Lego Brick 5][User-Friendly Proposition]

03:30-end: Save 70% for the next 24 hrs

The offer gets even better on the advertorial + sales pages: save 80% for the next 24 hrs.

Wrapping up...

Key takeaways:

1) Use tools like Vidtao or SimilarWeb to learn from successful ads / funnels on all platforms. 

  • Native/Display ads can teach you about copy/imagery that gets your market's attention. 
  • Same thing for shortform video platforms like TikTok/IG reels/Snap.
  • YouTube and advertorial copy can show what narratives / storylines are working well for a market. 

2) "Lego-Brick" Your Persuasion Equation for new platforms

  • Once you've found a successful offer, find the persuasion elements that are proven to work on one platform, and re-assemble them to fit other ad platform formats.

Hope this was helpful, good luck!

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