Let us introduce you to Lili Marocsik - the former Google rep now leading YouTube marketing for billion dollar companies...

Lili got started as a Google rep - and quickly fell in love with YouTube as a marketing platform. With all of Google's data at her fingertips, she dove in and over time became the performance YouTube subject matter expert, training teams across Europe on how to succeed at scale on YouTube.

Fast forward a few years and Lili was at Hello Fresh. She led their YouTube efforts, transforming YouTube from a marginal channel to one of the main drivers of new customer acquisition for this $6.6 billion USD per year company.

Now she's leading financial app Revolut's expansion into YouTube... and on this podcast we picked Lili's brain on all things attribution, creative, strategy and scale when it comes to YouTube ads.

Whether you are: 

* Managing millions per month in adspend... 

* Or a scrappy performance marketer hunting for direct ROI from every cent spent... 

...You're going to want to check out this episode to level up your understanding of attribution & creative development for maximum scale.

(And by the way, Lili will be sharing even more detail on "Creatives for Brandformance - What I have learned working for big brands" - and how to combine data + storytelling to scale with YouTube, at our VidTao Live event in just a couple weeks...)

Here are a few highlights from our episode with Lili:

The 60 year old marketing attribution method you're probably not using - why it's so effective and how it to use it to see exactly what paid channels are actually driving new sales...

YouTube's "Halo Effect" - what it is and how to quantify it to get a more accurate picture of what's actually driving sales for your business...

The unconventional "performance branding" metric Lili developed - and why it's crucial for understanding the full impact of your adspend...

The 3 step process Lili uses to break down, analyze, and understand YouTube ad creatives - and the specific metrics that you can use to evaluate & improve your ads' performance in the key ares of Hook, Story, and Call To Action (CTA).

Why branding is important for even for the most hardcore DTC/performance marketers - and how to measure & improve it (even if you're NOT a $100M+/year company)

* Why adding branding elements to performance-oriented ads can supercharge your ad's click-based performance... (and exactly how to do it)

The creative ideation & iteration process Lili uses at Hello Fresh to mix & match key elements from winning ads across industries, and come up with 100% fresh, high performing ads from scratch...

* The campaign type that Lili says is a complete waste of your money (and why her former employer doesn't want you to know this...)

* And much more...

Here's how to apply Lili's hard-earned knowledge on creatives, data, and strategy to your own YouTube & video marketing efforts:

1) Go watch the podcast episode here & take notes:

2) Go here to follow Lili on her email list/LinkedIn

3) Come to VidTao Live Oxford UK and learn from Lili, in person! (Claim your tickets & see everything you'll get at the event, here: https://live.vidtao.com/

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