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  • 🎙️ [PODCAST] Elite Direct Response "Think Tanks" Exposed: Discover how 'Clarity Hacking' Breaks the 100K/Mo Barrier and Skyrockets DR Brands to 9-Figure Success
  • 📄 How to “Swipe” Your Competitors’ YouTube Ad Testing Frameworks (a VidTao feature walk-thru)

Let’s dive into the content…

🔑 Elite Direct Response "Think Tanks" Exposed

What do Direct Response icons like these…

  • Alex Hormozi (founder acquisitions.com)
  • Craig Clemens (co-founder Golden Hippo)
  • Jason Cohen (Founder of WP Engine, a 100M/year boot-strapped SaaS)
  • Noah Kagan (founder AppSumo)
  • Jay Abraham
  • Ron Lynch (ad wizard behind stunning campaigns like GoPro's rise from 600k to 650M/yr)
  • Tom Shipley (DTC strategist for brands with $2B+ in sales)
  • Roland Frazier
  • Tai Lopez

…all have in common?

A couple things.

First, together they've generated many billions in sales via Direct Response marketing.

And the other thing?

They've all presented on THIS guy's stage:

^^ that's David Gonzalez, founder of the legendary Internet Marketing Party.

For over 15 years, David has hosted the crème de la crème of entrepreneurs in front of his sold-out crowds in Austin Texas, each and every month.

What's really interesting is this:

In a world where most of these industry titans typically charge a hefty chunk of change to get on stage & present...

These billion-dollar Direct Response moguls can't wait to get on stage and speak, for free.

His secret?

He runs a 3 hour “Think Tank” for each speaker, the day before the event, where a team of hand-picked experts drawn from David’s Billion Dollar Rolodex all meet and help the guest find game-changing clarity on their business & uncover breakthrough opportunities.

On this show, not only does David outline his "Think Tank" process...

He'll also reveal how to tap your own network as a wellspring of expertise and use his “Think Tank” formula to crowd-source clarity - no matter your connections or obstacles now.

👉 Go here to watch the episode: https://youtu.be/7sCg5rm5yAg

📄 How to “Swipe” any company’s YouTube Ad Testing Strategy

What do the most successful advertisers on VidTao have in common? Constant testing and optimization.

Once an ad starts scaling, top advertisers don't stop. They keep testing variations to find even bigger winners. Success requires continuous refinement, even when an ad is performing well.

Max Rutar,
Lead Designer at VidTao

Eventually, every ad experiences fatigue. To sustain revenue, you must continually develop fresh creatives.

Today, we'll explore a powerful tool for uncovering successful brands' scaling and testing strategies.

The Marketer Module's Company tab allows you to search for any brand and dive into their performance data.

Select a company and proceed to the full info page. Here, you'll find insightful charts, including the "Number of video ads grouped by spend."

This chart reveals when an advertiser struck gold with a high-performing ad. But it also shows what they did next.

In this example, after an early 2021 winner fatigue set in, the company diversified its approach. Around Feb 2023, multiple ads began scaling simultaneously. Running several creatives concurrently became their new winning strategy.

Scrolling up the page to the "Yearly testing volume" chart and selecting the "Count" tab displays how video ad testing frequency has changed over time. For this advertiser, monthly tests dramatically increased in order to achieve concurrent scaling in 2023.

What company or brand do you want to analyze? Click here to search for a company or here for a brand and uncover their winning strategies

The most successful advertisers are masters of agile optimization. They evolve their approach based on data, diversify their creatives, and continually refine through testing.

Follow their lead. Keep optimizing, and never stop innovating. With the right mindset and tools, you, too, can build a strategy that delivers sustained results.

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