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YouTube shorts ad doing big volume

New podcast: Ekster’s journey from Kickstarter to $100M DTC powerhouse

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YouTube Shorts Ad of the Week

Check out this YouTube Shorts ad from Pimsleur language learning app (always a strong Direct Response Advertiser)

See the ad inside VidTao 2.0 here

At over 1M views in the past couple months, it’s clearly driving some results.

But this is only one of many ad Pimsleur has in the mix right now:

Pimsleur’s testing volume, tracked inside VidTao

Go here to check out ALL of Pimsleur’s YouTube / YouTube shorts ads (and landing pages) inside of VidTao 2.0.

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[New Podcast] From Kickstarter to $100M: Ekster's DTC Journey

Just shot a quick VidTao podcast episode with Olivier Momma, founder of Ekster Wallets.

Olivier & his team launched in 2016 on Kickstarter and since then have turned Ekster into a global DTC powerhouse.

Olivier shares his insider strategies and key learnings that have driven Ekster’s phenomenal growth in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space.

On this episode of VidTao Podcast you'll discover...

* The step-by-step process Olivier used to generate $15k in Ekster's first HOUR on Kickstarter - leading to a $300k crowdfunding launch.

* Olivier's top three strategies for leveraging customer feedback to drive new product innovation and long term customer value.

* Behind the scenes on Ekster's innovative approach to new product ideation & go-to-market launch strategies.

* How Ekster transformed from a small startup to a global brand with over 50 employees across multiple continents.

* The unexpected challenges of scaling a product line and the critical lessons learned from shipping logistics.

* Olivier's networking secrets: How building relationships with other brands and entrepreneurs fuels Ekster's success.

* Why Ekster is shifting its marketing dollars from Meta to YouTube and TikTok – and what performance marketers need to know to stay ahead.

* And much more

Go here to watch it: https://youtu.be/xAxNEjuEW4I

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