Today’s briefing is a 5 minute read:

  • 🤖 Try this “SouthPark Story Secret” GPT Prompt to analyze & improve any narrative-based ad
  • 🎬 Breakthrough Text-to-Video AI tool update (if you can type it, you can create it)
  • 🗳️ Poll: What % of VidTao Users are testing Connected TV? (surprising results)
  • ➕ Plus: Leaked NASA Super-Prompt, 2 new text-to-video updates marketers are going to love, how to use GPT4 to make “fake” product photos, new OpenAI “Magic Create” and much more…

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the latest updates from the Direct Response Marketing world:

🕙 Direct Response Marketing Minute

Here is your 60 second Performance Marketing Brief for today:

  1. 🩺 3-Step Info Funnel Diagnosis: Is your Info Product Funnel making these mistakes?
  2. ⚙️ 7 Lessons from Henry Ford's Personal Letters: Ford founder’s insights on growth & leadership
  3. 💊 Top ACA / Health Insurance Lead Gen advertisers: Are you or your favorite lead gen beast on this list?
  4. 🎧 Why Story Sells (and how to use it): Step by step breakdown of the “PAISA” StorySelling Method
  5. 🏴‍☠️ Old-School Ads: Was this the best David Ogilvy ad, ever?
  6. ✋Hire RyanAir’s (ex) Director of Social Media (Legend) read more here
  7. ⛔ LEAKED: X/Twitter Ad Costs: Did Elon intend to make this public?

🤖 Supercharge Your Ads with this “SouthPark Story Secret” GPT Prompt

South Park is 325 episodes deep and still going strong.

What makes the series so successful?

No doubt the show’s incredibly irreverent comedy helps.

But there’s some serious attention to detail when it comes to story.

And this is where you’ll want to pay attention as a direct response advertiser:

Because the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have honed a storytelling framework that's not only effective for their hit series but can be applied to any form of narrative, (especially in the realm of direct response advertising.)

First, take a look at
this breakdown they did at NYU walking through their approach to story on Southpark: (thanks to Nathan for sharing this video on twitter)

Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Three-Act Structure: Divide your story into three acts to create a clear and structured narrative.
  2. Use of Markers and Visuals: Utilize visual aids and markers to outline and plan your story, ensuring each scene contributes to the overall narrative.
  3. Focus on Individual Scenes: Ensure each scene works as a standalone funny sketch, contributing to the humor and engagement of the story.
  4. Causality and Connection: Between each beat or scene in your story, use the words "therefore" or "but" instead of "and then". This ensures a causal connection between events, making the story more compelling and logical.
  5. Avoid Boring Sequences: A sequence of events that just happen one after another without a causal connection is boring. Ensure each event leads to or affects the next.

Let’s hone in on the last 3 elements in particular.

Polishing these 3 elements are a solid way to quickly step-up the quality of your ad copy and boost performance…

…By making it LESS BORING.

Want proof this works?

Mark Ford (aka “Michael Masterson” , his pen name) had his copywriters at Agora Publishing read all draft copy, looking for areas that are:

  • Confusing
  • Unbelievable
  • Boring

Mark’s team would then systematically edit & enhance the copy to eliminate these problematic areas.

Mark has helped launch & grow dozens of multi-million dollar direct response businesses, including the Agora Companies: which he and Bill Bonner have grown to over $1 billion in gross revenue.

Agora consistently creates top-performing direct response offers (with over $1 billion in revenue generated)

To make this as easy as possible for you to implement yourself, we put together a quick GPT prompt using South Park’s secrets to “less boring” copy.

Go ahead and run your YouTube ad script through this prompt below and see what output you get: 👇

Context for LLM Evaluator:
Adopt the role of an expert direct response storytelling copywriter with over $100 million in sales generated from story-based ads. Utilize your extensive experience and expertise to critically evaluate and enhance the script for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Step 1: Input the Script
Task: As an expert in direct response storytelling, please provide the full script that you would like to analyze. Ensure that the script is well-structured and divided into clear scenes or sections to facilitate a thorough and accurate assessment.

Step 2: Generate an Assessment
Task: Leveraging your expertise in creating high-converting story-based ads, evaluate the script based on the following criteria. Provide a score out of 10 for each sub-point, along with detailed feedback and insights.

3. Scene Effectiveness (0-20 points)
Each Scene Works Well as a Standalone Piece (0-10 points): Critically assess the independence and clarity of each scene. Identify any scenes that lack substance or fail to contribute to the overall narrative, drawing on your experience of what makes a scene truly resonate with an audience.
Engagement and Relevance (0-10 points): Evaluate the engagement level and relevance of each scene. Use your knowledge of audience psychology and storytelling to pinpoint scenes that might need adjustments to maintain interest and drive the narrative forward.

4. Causality and Connection (0-20 points)
Use of "Therefore" or "But" Between Scenes for Logical Connections (0-10 points): Examine the script for clear causal connections between scenes. Apply your understanding of narrative flow to identify and improve any transitions that lack clarity or fail to propel the story.
Avoidance of Boring "And Then" Sequences (0-10 points): Scrutinize the script for any sequences that merely list events without demonstrating their interconnectedness. Use your expertise to suggest ways to transform these sequences into compelling narrative moments.

5. Overall Engagement and Storytelling (0-20 points)
Audience Engagement (0-10 points): Reflect on the script’s overall ability to captivate the audience. Draw upon your successful track record to identify parts of the script that might risk losing the audience’s attention, and suggest improvements.
Compelling and Memorable Storytelling (0-10 points): Assess the impact and memorability of the storytelling. Use your experience in creating unforgettable ads to pinpoint areas for enhancement, ensuring the story leaves a lasting impression.

Step 3: Generate Improvements
Task: Now, apply your seasoned skills in direct response storytelling to generate specific improvements for the script. For each area of opportunity identified in the assessment, provide concrete suggestions, revisions, or techniques to strengthen the storytelling and maximize the ad’s effectiveness.

By following these steps and applying your deep expertise in direct response storytelling, you will be able to critically analyze the script, identify areas for improvement, and craft a compelling, high-converting story-based ad.

Want to “Ground Truth” your ads versus a proven high-converting YouTube ad?

Go ahead and run this prompt on the opening 3 minutes of
MindValley’s monster VSL from Peter Kell, and then compare versus your own ad.

Source VidTao

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🎬 AI Text-To-Video: Exciting Update

Runway just released an update for both text to video and image to video generation with Gen-2, bringing major improvements to both the fidelity and consistency of video results.

one example:

Go here to see more.

Want to “Ground Truth” your ads versus a proven high-converting YouTube ad?

Go ahead and run this prompt on the opening 3 minutes of
MindValley’s monster VSL from Peter Kell, and then compare versus your own ad.

🤖 More AI Updates for Your Marketing 🧠

🗳️Poll Results: Are you Testing on Connected TV?

Looks like a lot of people are testing Connected TV! Can’t wait to share a new tool we’re building with you that’s going to make your life MASSIVELY easier…

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Whether or not your are running on Connected TV yet…

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