Direct Response in 2024 (Podcast)

Today’s briefing is a 4 minute read:

  • 🎙️ [PODCAST] Time Magazine called him the “The Founding Father of Online Advertising”: What the past 30 years of Online Advertising can teach you about what’s in store for 2024 (and beyond)
  • 🕵🏻‍♂️ How to “Spy” & 📄 “Swipe” Your Competitors’ Funnels (a VidTao feature walk-thru)
  • ➕ Plus: Reviewing Meta’s AI Image Generator, AI YouTube Title App, AI-powered News Network, AI text-to-Music App, Detailed CRO infographic, and much more…

🎙️[Podcast] Direct Response Lessons for 2024 from “The Founding Father of Online Advertising”

Feedback on the latest VidTao podcast

Whether you've had a rocky year or found major success, if we’ve learned one thing from 2023, it’s definitely that:

None of us truly knows what's around the corner for 2024.

That's why, as we step into 2024, it's so valuable to learn from legends who've weathered many storms.

Ken McCarthy is one such veteran, pioneering internet-based direct response strategies since the early 90s. (read more on his wikipedia page here)

Ken McCarthy, who Time Magazine called “The Founding Father of Online Advertising”

“I shudder to imagine what would have happened had I not bought this book. I can't even imagine!” THIS book is what Ken credits with kick-starting his Direct Response career. And it’s as relevant today as ever. (Watch the podcast to discover this rarely talked about Direct Response classic!)

Before the Internet was even a “thing”, Ken was already a very successful Direct Mail direct response marketer, learning directly from (among others) the “Breakthrough Advertising” legend himself Eugene Schwartz.

(More on that story in the podcast…)

And then in 1993, Ken realized online media's direct response potential before nearly anyone. That year he hosted what was probably the first online marketing conference, ever (attended by future legends like Netscape’s co-founder Marc Andreesen among others), and since then he’s been consistently ahead of the curve.

Here are just a few highlights:

📧 1994: Cracked the code on pioneering email marketing and banner ads, two years before nearly any competitors
🔄 1996: Developed the first known use of automated/sequential autoresponder email campaigns
💻 2001: Mastered and optimized pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, integrating it into fully comprehensive online strategies
🔊 2002: Launched the concept of "push-button" internet audio ads that loaded instantly
📹 2005: Unlocked the hidden power of online video for content sites and direct sales ahead of YouTube and major platforms
📱2008: Utilized and evangelized early mobile marketing strategies before most businesses realized its potential
🤖 2018: Revealed how AI and big data could empower small businesses to target audiences just like giants, years before widespread adoption

We’ll get into all of that on this podcast episode, plus how he’s successfully navigated multiple economic downturns during this whole timeline.

Direct response Royalty like Dan Kennedy and Gary Bencivenga rave about Ken’s work, and we were very fortunate to have him on our VidTao Podcast!

👉 Go here to check out the full episode with Ken McCarthy

And here’s where you can learn more about Ken:

🕵🏻‍♂️ How to “Spy” on Your Competitors’ Funnels [VidTao Tutorial]

Are you aware of the funnel types your competitors thrive on?

To figure this out, it's helpful to analyze the landing pages that your competitors' advertisements lead to. This will let you grasp which funnel types are effective in your niche, offering insights into their strategies.

Max Rutar,
Lead Designer at VidTao

Let's dive right into an example: by navigating to the Ads tab in VidTao, we performed a search. For instance, I searched for "Grammarly."

As illustrated, there are numerous results organized by ad spend. We'll focus on the first ad, which has the highest spend, by clicking on it for a detailed view.

This action opens a video detail popup, allowing us to examine the video ad. You'll notice the main performance metrics are displayed, but for comprehensive information about this ad, click on “Proceed to full info page” at the bottom of the popup.

However, our primary interest lies in the landing pages, which are visible in the popup already. In this scenario, the presence of multiple landing pages suggests that this brand is likely utilizing this ad across various campaigns, each with a different landing page.

Upon reviewing all the landing pages, it becomes evident that the brand's goal is to encourage viewers to sign up for free. They offer basic features at no cost, but for those more invested in writing, premium packages are available.

Simple, isn't it?

Now, it's your turn to discover the funnels your competitors use. Begin by finding an ad of interest here, then delve deeper to investigate the landing pages linked to that ad.

I hope you found this quick tutorial helpful. Stay tuned for more insights and quick tips!

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Random AI + Direct Response Marketing-Adjacent Updates

Some helpful & fun updates from around the world of business & marketing, AI, productivity and more…

🎨 Comparing Meta's new AI Image Generator vs. Midjourney, DALL-E 3 and Adobe Firefly

✍️ This AI App helps you write higher performing YouTube Organic titles:

🤖📰 An entirely AI-powered News Network (impressive!)

🧠 How to "transplant" our YouTube ad knowledge into your brain (fast)

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