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📈 [YouTube Ad Breakdown] How to scale Lumin's men's skincare quiz funnel from $1k/day to ??? with YouTube ads... 

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 [YouTube Ad Breakdown] 

How to scale Lumin's men's skincare quiz funnel from $1k/day to ??? with YouTube ads... 

The Ad:

 The Market: Men's skincare is big and growing market at an estimated $12B USD/year globally (source). While this is nowhere near as big as the women's skincare market ($132 Billion), forecasts project men's skincare to grow steadily over the coming years. 

(Taking a quick look at Google trends, looks like interest in the search term "skincare for men" has more than doubled in the past 10 years)

The Offer: Custom men's skin care package based on major skin issues identified in the quiz funnel leading up to the custom sales page.

The Funnel: Sold via quiz funnel >> Free + Shipping ($4.50) + $40/month continuity.

Here is the landing page:

Performance: Looks like Lumin has done an amazing job establishing a proof of concept: They are spending over $1k/day on this offer + ad combo.

Key Milestone: Success at $1k/day adspend indicates that there is good potential to scale this offer to $5k/day, $10k/day, and beyond.

No doubt they can improve performance and scale with a few tweaks on the ad + funnel (more on that in a bit...)

Why this ad works: Strong First 5 Seconds:

Why your YouTube ad's first 5 seconds is crucial to performance:

You want to grab attention from as many relevant viewers as possible, before the "Skip Ad" button pops up. This gives the rest of your ad the best chance to build interest & curiosity, to drive relevant clicks & conversions.

Here are 2 ways Lumin's YouTube ad grabs the right kind of attention in the first 5 seconds:

🕔 5 Second Win #1 - Big Idea + Bold Promise presented in the first 2 seconds:

Notice how the video presents the big idea + promise in the first 2 seconds:

  • 📺 Visual: Man applies cream to face.
  • 🗣️ Audio: "I go to sleep with it on. I wake up and I look well rested."


  • If you've ever woke up, looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow, I look tired," you're going to be interested enough to hear more about what exactly he's rubbing on his face, and why it could work for you.
  • Viewers who are remotely interested in this big idea will likely stick around past 5 seconds. Those who aren't, will skip the ad and not 

🕔 5 Second Win #2 - Major Objection handled:

What's said next handles a major objection:

  • 📺 Visual: Matter-of-fact normal guy speaking directly to camera.
  • 🗣️ Audio: "...I started incorporating skin care into my self-care routine because I noticed that i was getting some under eye dark circles and then my skin was starting to look a little dehydrated."


  • This segment addresses the objection: "It's weird / not ok for men to care about their skin." 
  • Men's skincare is still a relatively new to the mainstream market. 
  • Presents skincare for men in practical terms: as a practical solution to the problem of looking worn out/tired.

Why this ad works: Clear Ease of Use

After those opening 5 seconds, our male viewer is now open to the idea of skincare for looking less tired.

But what does he need to actually do to stop looking tired?

  • Does he have to wear a weird looking facemask?
  • Will he be forced to spend an hour doing "self care"?


Lumin's routine is straightforward, simple, fast, and easy to do. And the video from 00:20 to 1:20 shows this.

  • 📺 Visual: Two different men walk through how to apply the skincare formula.
  • 🗣️ Audio:  Presenters explain how to use the formulas, showing how simple it is.


  • This section shows how easy it is to add this skincare routine into your life. There is no need for weird or time consuming rituals. The whole process looks as easy as washing your face a couple times.

📈 5 Ways to Improve This Ad + Funnel ðŸ“ˆ

Lumin did a great job creating a proof of concept that this offer could work on YouTube. 

Here are 5 opportunities for Lumin to take this ad + funnel to the next level and scale from $1k/day to $10k/day & beyond...

Opportunity #1: Better Ad Call-to-action (CTA)

There are a few ways to improve this ad, and right now let's focus on one of the most impactful and easiest to implement:

☝️Improve the Call-to-Action (CTA).

For reference, here is how the CTA section looks now:

Here are 3 ways to improve this ad's CTA:

🚀 CTA Booster #1: Make the CTA 15+ seconds

😱😱😱 Right now the CTA is just 2 seconds long! 

That's barely enough time to actually click!

Compare Lumin's CTA here to the one in this ad from Dr. Squatch with over $5M in adspend, where the CTA is 30+ seconds long.

Key Point: Add more time to your CTA so that viewers can: 

  • Recognize what the offer is...
  • Realize they need to click to learn more & get it...
  • Actually click...

This will increase click through rate (CTR), decrease the cost of traffic, and decrease the cost to convert as a result.

🚀 CTA Booster #2: More clearly show "What you get" when you click

Right now the CTA merely tells us that we can "Try all 4 products FREE" 

This is an ok start, but here are 2 ways to enhance it further by more clearly showing: 

  • what happens when you click on the ad
  • and why you should click in the first place

✅ #1 - Show the quiz + customization process

Key point: The video could better highlight the benefits of taking the next step in the funnel: the lead gen quiz actually offers strong "self discovery" elements and combining these with what you get at the end of the quiz (a custom-tailored solution at a "no brainer" price) is  very compelling. 

To emphasize this & build interest & curiosity to get the click, show & tell more about this process: 

  • Show the process of going through the quiz
  • Show the customization process in action
  • Show what they get as a result (their custom package and the benefits they will get unique to them).

Here's a rough concept: 

🗣️ Audio: "Click the link with this video to take our free quiz. We'll identify exactly what you need to start looking your best, based on your unique skin type."

📺 Visual: Split screen showing a person going through the quiz on their phone, while the other split screen shows video of a man's face being assessed for issues, while cycling through the different packages for specific skin situations.

✅ #2 - Add more clarity & emphasis on the free trial offer

Key point: The ad could better emphasize the custom offer + the fact that it's completely risk free.  

Rough concept:

🗣️ Audio: "Once we've identified the right Lumin package for you, you'll get to try it for 30 days, completely free, and experience the results for yourself, waking up looking fresh & completely rested..." etc. etc.

📺 Visual: Footage of man using product, seeing the benefits (admiring looks from romantic partners, looking & feeling fresh & rested, etc. etc.)

🚀 CTA Booster #3: Add More Urgency

Key Point: Urgency gives the viewer compelling reasons to click through and take the quiz / claim their free supply now, instead of later. 

(This is one reason why time limited promotions like Black Friday work so well)

☝️But you don't need an actual deadline to use urgency in your ad.

Here are 2 ways to add urgency to any ad without an explicit deadline:

1) Explicit Urgency: If you're running ads, you might stop them at any time. So today could actually be the last time a prospect is able to take advantage of your offer. Spell out this fact to enhance urgency.

🗣️ Audio: "Today, you can claim a free supply of XXXX. And if you're seeing this video right now, that means supplies are still available. But because of current demand we can't guarantee this offer will be available tomorrow so go ahead and click the link with this video to take the free quiz and claim your free custom 30 day supply of Lumin" etc. etc.

2) Implied Urgency: Adding a countdown timer ticking down to the end of the videos will build urgency to take action (click) now vs. later. This sounds too simple to work, but try it - you might be surprised...

📺 Visual: Show countdown timer on screen while presenting the CTA

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