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  • 🧠 How to "transplant" high-level YouTube ad knowledge into your brain (fast) Used by mega-scale Direct Response offers, secretive affiliates, solo operators & many more
  • 🕵🏻‍♂️ How to “Spy” on Your Competitors’ Funnels (a VidTao feature walk-thru)
  • 📄 New “Swipe” Feature inside VidTao (Swipe & follow brands, ads, and more…)
  • Plus: AI AutoGen for marketing, free Direct Response training from one of the best (ever), Amazing new AI Film creation, Einstein’s creativity secret, and much more...

🧠 How to "transplant" high-level YouTube ad knowledge into your brain (fast)

We are opening a handful spots for our VidTao Navigator private 1-on-1 consulting for Q1 2024.

This is your opportunity to have our Inceptly agency team (with over $950M in Direct Response revenue generated on YouTube for our clients) look over you & your team’s shoulder, take you by the hand…

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(Including YouTube Shorts & Connected TV, which we're seeing big success with while many other Direct Response advertisers still ignore...)

We only open up enrollment for VidTao Navigator a couple times per year, and this will be the only opportunity to join us for Q1 2024.

Inside Navigator for 2023 we saw everyone from one-person affiliate ninjas looking for guidance on offer selection, creatives and scaling…

…To world-class Direct Response teams like Publishing.com who leverage our team's experience to cut the learning curve and drive more profit & scale with YouTube ads.

Here's what Publishing's Senior Media Buyer Armin Mirzakhanlou had to say about leveraging the help of our VidTao Navigator team to help this offer scale in 2023:

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(And remember, we close enrollment on this Thursday January 4,2024 @ 11:59pm US Pacific time.)

🕵️‍♂️ How to “Spy” on Your Competitors’ Funnels [VidTao Tutorial]

Are you aware of the funnel types your competitors thrive on?

To figure this out, it's helpful to analyze the landing pages that your competitors' advertisements lead to. This will let you grasp which funnel types are effective in your niche, offering insights into their strategies.

To figure this out, it's helpful to analyze the landing pages that your competitors' advertisements lead to. This will let you grasp which funnel types are effective in your niche, offering insights into their strategies.

Let's dive right into an example: by navigating to the Ads tab in VidTao, we performed a search. For instance, I searched for "Grammarly."

As illustrated, there are numerous results organized by ad spend. We'll focus on the first ad, which has the highest spend, by clicking on it for a detailed view.

This action opens a video detail popup, allowing us to examine the video ad. You'll notice the main performance metrics are displayed, but for comprehensive information about this ad, click on “Proceed to full info page” at the bottom of the popup.

However, our primary interest lies in the landing pages, which are visible in the popup already. In this scenario, the presence of multiple landing pages suggests that this brand is likely utilizing this ad across various campaigns, each with a different landing page.

Upon reviewing all the landing pages, it becomes evident that the brand's goal is to encourage viewers to sign up for free. They offer basic features at no cost, but for those more invested in writing, premium packages are available.

Simple, isn't it?

Now, it's your turn to discover the funnels your competitors use. Begin by finding an ad of interest here, then delve deeper to investigate the landing pages linked to that ad.

I hope you found this quick tutorial helpful. Stay tuned for more insights and quick tips!

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📄 New “Swipe” Feature inside VidTao

Want to keep track of the latest top ads for different categories?

Now you can create unlimited categories & folders inside your VidTao Swipe File.

Check it out here:

Log in to your VidTao Swipe file here & start creating your Swipe File categories here: https://app.vidtao.com/#/dashboard/swipes

Random AI + Direct Response Marketing-Adjacent Updates

Some helpful & fun updates from around the world of business & marketing, AI, productivity and more…

🤖 Check out these 7 Inspiring use cases for AutoGPTS (rapid funnel builds, social media management, scaleable content creation, customer research, and much more)

🎨 The daily lateral thinking / creativity habit behind the success of Einstein, Mozart, da Vinci (and more)..

🎞️ Forget AI “video” we are talking about AI CINEMA here. Check out this Incredible movie made with MidJourney + Runway

🧑‍🏫 Deep-dive Direct Response copywriting training for FREE from the Direct Response legend himself, Dan Kennedy:

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