3 BIG things to share with you today:

1: Get your YouTube ad questions answered from YouTube ad powerhouse & Dr. Squatch ad creator RainDrop Agency

2: New VidTao Premium course released: YouTube Ad Media Buying: Inceptly's Setup + Steps to Scaling to $10k/day and beyond

3: Got questions about TikTok Organic? We have a podcast this week with Alex Hormozi's TikTok expert, Ryan Magin

Ready?Let's dive in...

[Interview] The YouTube ad secrets behind Dr. Squatch, William Painter, and more... (Raindrop Agency Interview)

Ever seen those comedic YouTube ads from brands like...

* Dr. Squatch* William Painter* Crossrope* Manscaped

I know you've seen this one from Dr. Squatch with 119 million views:

That's a ton of views and a ton of adspend on just this one ad. Imagine the results it generated.

These were all created by the team at Raindrop Agency in San Diego.

This week on our VidTao Podcast we are going to be interviewing Jacques Spitzer, founder & CEO of Raindrop & 2x Emmy Award winner.

He's going to talk about the power of storytelling, sequencing, and humor when it comes to YouTube ads - and he's got some unique insights I think you're going to love.

So if you have questions for Jacques on how you can use humor & storytelling to create video ads that scale?

Hit the comment to this blog post & let us know!

New VidTao Premium Content: YouTube Ads Media Buying Course just dropped

VidTao Premium is all about giving you the tools & training to succeed on YouTube and other video ad platforms.

And our first ad platform training just dropped:

YouTube Ad Media Buying: Setup + Steps to Scaling to $10k/day and beyond - with Mirna Peric, our all-star account manager & media buying leader.

Mirna has scaled several of our biggest accounts at our agency Inceptly (with over $150 million USD managed), and inside this course you're going to see exactly how we do it at Inceptly.


* Account and campaign setup: step by step guide to setting up, launching and scaling campaigns* Targeting "traps" and how to leverage Google's AI for higher intent & scale on YouTube* Inceptly Offer Deep Dive: our research framework behind $150M in adspend* And much more...

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Got questions on ORGANIC TikTok?

Ryan Magin is the TikTok organic genius behind Alex Hormozi (and many others') success on TikTok organic.

Maybe you're thinking to yourself... 

"But my audience isn't on TikTok?"

Hold that thought and keep this in mind:

Alex Hormozi is in the business of buying businesses with $5M+ in ARR.

Small audience for sure. NOT your typical 16-21 year old TikToker.

And with Ryan's organic TikTok strategies, Hormozi has 4x'd his dealflow.

The process works, and it's magic to see.

(And if you're already running ads on TikTok, you're definitely going to want to check this out - because Ryan's approach allows you to work with the TikTok algorithm - so you only put spend behind the content already proven to work)

And Ryan is going to walk through it on our VidTao Podcast we will publish soon.

New VidTao Premium Content: YouTube Ads Media Buying Course just dropped


This week we'll also be releasing courses on:

* Multi-touch tracking setup training 

* How to: Building high-performance creatives on a budget

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What are your YouTube ad questions?

Got questions on TikTok - paid or organic?

Let us know in the Comments section below, and we’ll make sure to cover your question in an upcoming post.

Have a great week!

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