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  •  📺 💰 Check out these 2 YouTube Shorts Ads crushing it right now.
  • 📈🚀 Behind the Scenes on James Van Elswyk’s (GeekOut, Purple Leads, and many more) Million Dollar Day Campaign

Let’s dive into the content…

2 YouTube Shorts ads for your review…

Are you scaling on YouTube shorts ads yet?

If not, start paying attention and you’ll see some BIG opportunities.

Here are just a couple examples, each with over 1 million views:

YouTube Shorts Ad #1: Ridge Wallet

Landing page: https://ridge.com/collections/design-series-x-hb-nielsen
Performance: 1M+ views in the past 4 weeks
YouTube Shorts Ad link: https://youtu.be/lF4WsYIVWCU
Notes: Notice the fast cuts and thorough “ownership experience” the video walks you through. You get to see all features from a vivid first-person perspective.

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YouTube Shorts Ad #2: Hims Telehealth Quiz Funnel

Landing page: https://www.hims.com/hair-start-comparison-dlp
Performance: 20M+ views in the past 4 months
YouTube Shorts Ad link: https://youtu.be/wUfgNLfA5Gk
Notes: Notice the strong before/after elements and effective “diagnose and prescribe” quiz funnel.

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Million Dollar a Day Campaign: Behind the Scenes with James Van Elswyk [New Podcast]

James Van Elswyk is a vastly experienced entrepreneur in the performance marketing space. He's co-founder of GeekOut education, Purple Leads and several other major marketing-related companies as well as a true BEAST when it comes to driving thousands of qualified leads per day across multiple verticals.

He also co-founded & runs GeekOut Education, the premier place to learn from top performance marketers.

🚨 Heads up: James’ GeekOut NYC event starts in just a couple weeks.

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On this call with James, we got into:

* Behind the scenes on James' recent million dollar day (the ad platforms, the offers, and much more)

* James' philosophy on TRACKING in the post iOS world

* The little-known reason why Facebook ad accounts get banned (and how James went from constant bans to massive scale)

* The 3 key metrics James looks at before diving into any new lead gen vertical (miss these at your own risk)

* Why James "split tests" cities to live in like campaigns (and the surprising winner between LA and NYC)

* How to extract game-changing insights from your customers' sales calls

* How to Attract & Hire A-Players for Your Team: The "database of archetypes" approach James uses to perfectly match new hires to roles (even if they have zero experience)

* The 4-day "performance window" James optimizes his whole life around to ensure world-class output in business

* Why childhood attachment styles may be stunting your success as an entrepreneur (and how to rewire yourself)

* THIS under-the-radar ad platform James was using 2 years before everyone else (and why it's still insanely profitable today)

* And much, much more!

👉 Go here to watch the full episode: https://youtu.be/cktuABSGK_A

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