🤖 We’ve been building a series of AI tools (all inside VidTao)…

…All designed to help you take your Video ad creative game to the next level.

Here’s a quick list of the tools (and btw we’re actively building a whole lot more, so stay tuned…):👇

  • 🏆 Top Similar Ads Finder: Find top-performing ads most similar to your ads (discover new advertisers & new winning ads here, with just a single click)
  • ⚓ Hook Evaluation & Analysis: You’ll get an analysis of exactly how well your ad’s first 10 seconds perform in terms of:

    ‣ 🗣️ what is said in the video’s audio (i.e. ad copy)
    ‣ 👉👁️
    Your video’s VISUALS - since what’s shown on screen is so crucial for attracting attention and telling your product’s story…

  • ⚖️ Compare Your Ad vs. Top Ads: We’ll score your ad’s top competitor to give you a baseline to aim for with your own ads, and specific feedback on how to emulate (and BEAT) your competitors’ ads
  • ⚓ New Hook Generator: For each ad you analyze, you’ll get 3 new detailed hook ideas based on what’s working right now across ALL direct response markets…
  • 🎯 Persuasion Score: You’ll get a detailed breakdown of your ad’s overall effectiveness, with specific ideas on how to improve it.

(And much more, we’ll be adding soon)

Here’s how to get access…

3 Steps to Get Access to VidTao AI Creative Tools…

We’re dripping out access to these VidTao AI Creative Tools to Premium members, and here are the 3 steps to get these features added to your account:

☝️ Step 1: Make sure you have a VidTao 2.0 Premium account

Go ahead and log in to VidTao 2.0 Premium and make sure to upgrade your account if you’re currently a trial member

✌️Step 2: Select which AI Creative Feature you're most excited about

Click the feature below that you’re most interested trying out:

~ advertisement ~

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🤟 Step 3: Email us to confirm you want access

Once you’ve done steps 1 & 2, just send us a quick email (subject line “VidTao AI tools”) to confirm you’d like us to add the AI Creative features to your account, and we’ll get you access as soon as possible.

Bonus points: in your email, share any ideas for any additional AI tools/features that you’d like to see inside VidTao… We’re ready to build for you!)

Once the features are live in your account, you’ll see them inside the “Creatives” tab in your VidTao account here: 👇

We can’t wait to get your feedback and helping you take your video creatives to the next level!

And stay tuned for several other VidTao AI Creative tools we’ll be rolling out shortly…

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That’s it for today!

Best wishes,

The VidTao Team

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