Do you remember seeing this guy all over YouTube a few years back? 👇

^^ That’s Mike Chang, one of the founders of SixPackShortcuts.

SixPackShortcuts was an online fitness company that went on to generate over $500 million in sales in just a few years.

And they had a “secret weapon” they used to make this happen…

(More on that in just a sec)

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SixPackShortcuts is no longer active, but at the time they were everywhere on YouTube.

(( Here is a link to a recording of one of their best ads, uploaded on another channel,  if you want to check it out: ))

SixPackShortcuts was one of the first direct response companies to really leverage YouTube ads.

They were scaling hard on YouTube starting in 2011, before most companies we know even existed!

And their “Secret Weapon” was this guy:

Johnson Li.

We could simply leave it at the fact that Johnson wrote & directed many of SixPackShortcuts’ best performing YouTube ads that drove their rise to scale.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He also…

  • Built and mentored their entire front and back end copy team (with multiple $10M+ offers to his credit)
  • Co-built their entire sales team (increasing their AOV 50%+)
  • Led all their conversion rate optimization efforts
  • And led SixPackShortcuts’ entire marketing & sales efforts as CMO to drive sales beyond the $500M mark questions?

Since then, Johnson has become a highly sought after direct response marketing consultant, helping many brands scale from behind the scenes.

Johnson was a recent guest on VidTao Video Inception Podcast episode, where we covered:

So if you have any questions about:

  • How Johnson and Mike Chang went from competing against each other at breakdancing to building one of the first direct response companies to successfully leverage YouTube ads to make millions.
  • How one video of Mike Chang sitting on the couch eating food (with no production costs) became SixPackShortcuts’ Top Ad with 90+ million views, and why Johnson believes a higher budget doesn't always mean better creative
  • How Johnson turned phone sales scripts and the experience of calling customers into converting Video Ads, flipping objections into powerful hooks
  • How Johnson built and trained top performing sales and copywriting teams from scratch, and what qualities he was hiring for
  • Why taking a deep dive into the dark side of your customer’s pain points is so important and how to uncover those “secrets” that really sell
  • How to apply the “flow” of winning ads to your own content
  • The brainstorming process behind Johnson’s “unskippable” hooks, and why he role-plays all his ideas
  • What companies are currently getting wrong when it comes to scaling with YouTube and how to include a variety of CTAs to cover all customer bases
  • The importance of testing VSL even at the editing stage, in one split-editor video test Johnson revealed a 60% difference with the same script
  • How to revisit and “recycle” existing copy that hasn’t worked, and the changes you can make to see a different result 
  • And much more!

Here's how to apply Johnson's knowledge for your own campaigns :

1) Go watch the podcast episode here & take notes:

2) Go check out Johnson's amazing FB group and copywriting training resources here:

* Johnson's "Mirror Method" copy writing program:

* Johnson's Sales Copy FB group (highly recommended)

3) Come to VidTao Live Oxford UK and learn from Johnson, in person! (More info on all the speakers here:

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