"Is he the world's #1 Direct Response Video Editor?"

The right video edits can make or break your YouTube ads.

And few people know this as well as Chris Encarnaciรณn. 

Chris has over $700M in revenue generated from his video ads, starting with YouTube Ad Pioneer SixPackShortcuts and since then mostly for direct response heavy hitters who make him sign iron clad NDAs.

Chris was a recent guest on our VidTao Podcast, and in the episode he goes into full detail on how he approaches things like:

* Video editing strategies & tactics that get direct response results

* Building video editing teams for creating high performance Direct Response video ads on YouTube & more, at high volume. 

(There's a link to the podcast at the end of this email). 

To give you a taste of all the knowledge Chris drops in the podcast, below are 3 tips from Chris on how to build hard-hitting high-performing direct response video editing.

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3 Quick Direct Response Video Editing Tips from The $700M Man, Chris Encarnaciรณn

1) Zero Wasted Frames

* 1st 5 seconds of the video are all-important
* There are 120 frames in the first 5 sec (24 frames per sec x 5 sec)
* Each of these frames should have a purpose. Aim for zero wasted frames.

2) Faster feedback loop = faster path to winning creatives

Editors are marketers. Arm them with data.

Build dashboards so your editors can see granular details on how their videos are performing, and iterate accordingly.

3) Split test editors

Give 2 different editors:

* Same raw footage
* Same voiceover

...And you'll get wildly different results.

Share the data, analyze results. All editors learn from what worked vs. didn't and get better as a result.

When editors compete, everyone wins.

Watch the full VidTao podcast episode with Chris here. 

Follow Chris on Instagram here: @ichrisjay or skype: chris.ampro

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