Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad is a legendary direct response copywriter and marketer whose sales letters and Video Salesletters (VSLs) have driven over $700 Million dollars in online sales (estimated. The actual number may be significantly higher.)

Chris' superpower? Emotional Storytelling.

Chris is going to be sharing his step-by-step approach on how to create emotional stories that sell - even for "boring" products - at our VidTao Live closed-door mastermind this August 17 & 18 at Oxford University (go here to claim your tickets:

As a warm-up to the live event, where Chris will be presenting and teaching in person, Chris was a recent guest on our VidTao Podcast...

Chris was the VSL writer / creator behind many of the highest volume direct response offers ever, like:

* Dan Roitman’s “Pimsleur Approach” VSL which remained the unbeatable control for this $100 million a year plus company for over ten years until Dan sold the business.

* Chris Fox’s “Power 4 Home” VSL. Chris Haddad raised conversions by 70% literally overnight by applying his storytelling magic to this VSL, rocketing “Power 4 Home” to number 1 on Clickbank for over 2 years.

* Multiple VSLs for Joe Barton’s “Barton Publishing,” bringing Joe’s business from essentially nothing to over $10 million per year.

* Jay Diebolt’s “Mobile Money Machines” which generated 9 figures on clickbank.

(And many others he’s not at liberty to share due to NDAs, including multiple Clickbank Number 1’s.)

In 2009 Chris quit his freelance career to focus his energy on his rapidly growing relationship advice company, Digital Romance, Inc. Under his pseudonym, “Michael Fiore,” Chris appeared on “The Rachael Rae Show” on Valentine’s day, 2010 to promote his “Text The Romance Back” program, as well as a slew of local television markets across the US. 

(Btw - want to see an amazing video ad lead, in action? Watch  the Rachel Rae appearance near the start of his VSL here: to see a textbook example of how you can leverage a PR / media appearance for direct response marketing of your product.) 

We were very fortunate to have Chris as a guest on a recent VidTao Podcast where he shares a ton. Just a few highlights here:

  • The "Twitch Streamer" product launch re-frame that Chris learned from Twitch video game streamers (and how to use it to make your audience rabid for your next product launch...)
  • His "Punch In the Gut" (PIG) Method for creating emotionally compelling stories that sell - and how to use it to take create emotionally triggering, high performance story-based ads in even the most plain & boring markets...
  • The two types of video ad "leads" Chris always split tests... (hint: one involves puppets...)
  • The unbelievably simple question that will uncover your product's best unique mechanism...
  • (And much more)

On top of the marketing-specific topics, we'll also touch on some more personal stuff like:

  • The crossover between mental health and entrepreneurship
  • Impostor syndrome
  • The power of owning your shadow

...And a whole lot more.

Go here to watch Chris Haddad's episode of the VidTao Podcast:

Also - Be sure to check out Chris' own podcast, The Chris Haddad Show. It's fantastic and here is the link:

Here's how to apply Chris Haddad's knowledge for your own campaigns :

1) Go watch the podcast episode here & take notes:

2) Go check out Chris' fantastic podcast, The Chris Haddad Show:

3) Come to VidTao Live Oxford UK and learn from Chris, in person! (Claim your tickets & see everything you'll get at the event, here:

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