"I don't read books on marketing. I read spy tools. The winning script IS the book. It SHOWS you the answer, it doesn't tell you the answer."

- Peter Kell, Video Salesletter Innovator

We just did a podcast with Peter Kell, director of Video Salesletters (VSLs) at MindValley and creator of multiple 8-figure VSL-based offers.

Speaking of spy tools, he’s the creator of this current monster VSL YouTube funnel you can see here inside of VidTao:

(That’s well over $300k in adspend in the past month on just one ad, and still scaling…)

How does Peter do it?

We get into it all in this podcast but here’s a one sentence summary:

“The spy tools help me with the marketing - and spirituality is how it all manifests for me”.

Listen to the podcast to hear all the details, like:

Peter's "VSL Bible" - and why he advises you to create your own (and how to do it)...

* How to unlock the power of your identity to completely shift your reality...

* What Jon Benson (the creator of the Video Salesletter) taught Peter Kell about how to break down VSLs to "unlock" their secrets...

* How Peter shoots 50 VSL leads in 2 days (giving nearly unlimited testing options)...

* The 3 levels of compliance you need to consider when launching any new offer...

The “Semantics Secret” to ad compliance on FB and other platforms…

* Why Peter believes we've been going through "Winter" in advertising - and why CPMs will drop soon…

* The 1 personal metric Peter tracks daily that he attributes to his success...

* The process Peter used to systematically test new markets & offers before launching & scaling his own brand...

* Why your goal should always be to "Go broad and send it like a Chad"

And much, much more!

Here's how to apply Peter's VSL & mindset secrets to your own marketing:

1) Go watch the podcast episode here & take notes:

2) Go here to follow Peter on his blog / facebook / instagram

3) Come to VidTao Live Oxford UK and learn from Peter, in person! (Claim your tickets & see everything you'll get at the event, here: https://live.vidtao.com/

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What are your YouTube ad questions?

In the meantime though, what questions do YOU have about YouTube ads?

Comment below to let us know who/what you want to learn more about on our next podcast!

Have a great week!

The VidTao Team


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