It's always an adventure browsing around our VidTao YouTube Ad Library.
Especially when you start searching for random things like "bidet".

Because when those search results pop up... ain't easy to ignore pattern interrupts like this:

"Did you know that toilet paper has been proven to be unhygienic?"

Or this:

"If you got dog poo on your hands, you wouldn't wipe it off with just a paper towel".

With pattern interrupts like these, it's no surprise that these portable BIDET ads - yes ads for a portable BIDET - have done great in 2022.

(The Portable Bidet market isn't huge - but as you'll see today several of these ads are at a not-too-shabby 2k/day in ad spend, right now as we speak

Now here's what's crazy about 3 out of 4 of these top Bidet ads for 2022:

They all follow a PROVEN formula for selling eCommerce products via YouTube ads.

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So whether you're selling portable bidets - or something else entirely - PAY ATTENTION to what these bidet ads do well!

Let's get into today's leaderboard: The Top Bidet Ads of 2022...


YouTube ad:

Watch it here.

NOTE: French ad spending 2k+ per day as of October 2022


YouTube ad:

Watch it here.

NOTE: GERMAN version of the French ad, with over 6 figures in total spend


YouTube ad:

Watch it here.

NOTE: Same ad, but in English. Over 2.6M paid views.

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Ok, now it's time to find out...

The #1 BIDET AD of 2022!

Ok - quick confession: All the above ads & stats are real.

But this whole email has been a setup to get you to watch the following bidet ad. 

(in one of the funniest YouTube ads ever) 

^^ watch this ðŸ˜‚

Ok now let's get back to business...

What can we learn from all these great Bidet YouTube ads? 

Takeaway #1 - Have an attention-grabbing Pattern-interrupt:

A great Pattern interrupt does 2 things:

#1 - "Stop the Skip" - The first 5 seconds are crucial to getting your viewer to stick around past the initial "skip ad" button.

#2 - Get the Engagement - And the first TEN sounds are critical to getting that all-important ENGAGEMENT, that Google uses to determine how much you pay per impression. More on this topic from our blog is here.

Takeaway #2 -  Become Mr. Worldwide:

Got a winning ad/offer? Take it internationally.

You'll be shocked at the scale that exists for the right products in markets where the main language is German, French, Spanish, or Portuguese (and that's just for starters).

Takeaway #3 - Follow a proven framework

Guess what? There's a framework that makes creating scalable eCommerce YouTube ads as easy as possible.

How do I know this? 2022 has been a huge year for eCommerce YouTube ads at our video traffic agency Inceptly.

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What are your YouTube ad questions?

In the meantime though, what questions do YOU have about YouTube ads?

Let us know in the Comments section below, and we’ll make sure to cover your question in an upcoming post.

Have a great week!

The VidTao Team

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