You know the story: the first 10 seconds are by far the most important in any YouTube ad.

We've been over it again and again and won't get into it in detail here.

(Summary: Google defines a viewer watching to 10 seconds as an "engagement" - and engagement rate (engagements vs. impressions) is a significant factor in how Google determines what to charge you per impression - more on that here and in a soon-to-come post...)


Here's the thing...

Do NOT underestimate the power of a great Call to Action (CTA).

Case in point:

Let's take a look at this YouTube ad from the Mikkelsen Twins.

VidTao YouTube Ad Library is showing SOLID spend here overall (over $1.5M conservatively) and for the past 30 days on this ad:

There are MANY big takeaways from this ad's success. But let's take a closer look at the CTA as there a few lessons there.

(And btw - we are having a podcast with the YouTube ad evil genius behind this offer very soon... So if you have any questions on scaling these kinds of on-demand video/webinar offers? Hit *reply* and let us know!)

I'll explain why I think this CTA is so great, and what we can learn from it, in just a moment. 

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Now, let's back to our CTA discussion: 

We usually like to aim to show the CTA for a solid 10-15 seconds or more.

(This allows you as an advertiser enough time to give your viewer an irresistible, user-friendly & urgent reason to click through to the next page - AND enough time for the viewer to actually understand & actually take action on this proposition.)

But in this ad, we have a CTA lasts over a minute and a half...

...In an ad that lasts just under 3 minutes!

That's right: over 50% of this ad is simply the presenter re-stating the CTA (watch the free training on the next page)...

...All while supporting the CTA by doing things like:

* Handling objections "I don't have time!", "I'm too dumb/not tech savvy!" etc.
* Teasing the inherent value of the free training: "People made their first sale online just by doing what we share in the free training."
* "Future Pacing" the results that you'll get from just the free training "Imagine that first dollar hitting your bank account..."

Important: each of these refers back directly or indirectly from that great proof element the presenter drops in the first 10-12 seconds:

Those 1k/mo checks from Amazon:

A quote to remember from arguably the greatest living copywriter, Gary Bencivenga:

"Much of direct marketing, even today, is at the "claim only" level. And because so many prospects use "no belief" as their preferred exit of escape, this is where we can usually get our biggest increases in response, by strengthening our proof, by closing off the "no belief" exit of escape"

* Bonus Note on adding "real" Urgency for Evergreen Promos *

How do you add urgency to an "on-demand" webinar ad like this one?

(or any other situation where there is no obvious urgency at play)

Simple: Just add a countdown timer with no further context:

(Try it, it works.)

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In the meantime though, what questions do YOU have about YouTube ads?

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Have a great week!

The VidTao Team

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