There’s a big paid advertising secret hidden in plain sight right inside country singer Kenny Rogers’ hit song, “The Gambler.” 🤠👇

Kenny Rogers learned this tactic back in his days running newspaper classified ads to sell “How to Bootleg” correspondence courses. Since then he’s been Stacking That Money.

We’ll get into exactly how to apply this Kenny Rogers Secret to scale your YouTube ad campaigns in just a sec…

But first let’s check in with Kenny’s top song “The Gambler”.

Ever heard it? Here’s the chorus:

“...You've got to know when to hold 'em

Know when to fold 'em

Know when to walk away

And know when to run

You never count your money

When you're sittin' at the table

There'll be time enough for countin'

When the dealin's done…”

- Kenny Rogers, “The Gambler” (watch the full version here)

Any ideas what this “Kenny Rogers Secret” is?

Let’s log in to VidTao 2.0 to illustrate what we’re talking about here…

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Inside VidTao 2.0 we have we have coverage on Google/YouTube (and soon Facebook also) for over 8 million YouTube ads & over 65M search and display ads…

(Plus the landing pages)

..All indexed on the advertiser entity level and brand level.

So just go ahead and log in and search for an advertiser you’d like to take a closer look at…

…Scroll down a bit on the results page and you’ll see this handy “Success Rate” chart:

Now, the above VidTao 2.0 Success Rate breakdown is for a very secretive eCommerce specialist company…

(we haven’t yet shared their ads + offers publicly)

…But know that they have been VERY successful, with ~$10 million USD in adspend across a bunch of different verticals & offers.

And here’s an interesting takeaway from this view of their ad performance:

Notice that only 9.9% of their ads are winners.

In other words, 90%+ of their ads are NOT winners.

Which begs the question we hear all the time…

“How do I know when to STOP spending on an ad I’m testing?”

In Kenny Roger’s words…

🤠 “How do you know when to hold em… And when to fold ‘em?”

You can try but Kenny still ain’t listening to you, he’s too busy counting the stacks he made thanks to this rule

Here are a couple important pieces of advice we typically use to approach this issue at our agency Inceptly - where we have generated over $950M USD in revenue for direct response clients across the globe.

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First - after managing over $200 million in adspend here is one thing we almost NEVER see:

An ad that struggles out of the gate, and then suddenly starts doing amazing.

…Which is why we almost always follow this “Kenny Rogers Rule” rule: 👇

🤠 The Kenny Rogers YouTube Ad Rule 🤠
How to Know “When to Hold ‘em & When to Fold ‘em”

👉 Pause the ad if after spending 3-5x of your target CPA, you’re not seeing results within 20% of your target CPA or ROAS.

Here’s an example of the Kenny Rogers rule in action:

If our target CPA is $100, after $300 spent and we’re above a $120 CPA? We’re going to pause that ad & campaign.

(And launch a couple ads/campaigns, which we’ll always have “baking in the oven”, ready to launch & test...)

When you break Kenny’s rule, he cries because of how much adspend you’re wasting. Don’t make Kenny cry.

Try the Kenny Rogers Rule for yourself & let us know how it goes!

Remember that advertiser’s Success Rate chart above?

(here it is again)

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What are your YouTube ad questions?

Let us know in the Comments section below, and we’ll make sure to cover your question in an upcoming post.

Have a nice day!

The VidTao Team

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