Before we get into today’s content about the VSL + TSL “Hybrid” approach to selling High-Ticket Product with YouTube Ads (without a sales team)…

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Ok now let’s dive into today’s content:

Case Study: The VSL + TSL “Hybrid” approach to selling a $3k Physical Product with YouTube Ads (without a sales team…)

A depressingly empty sales call center… Are sales teams ALWAYS needed to close higher-ticket products off of cold traffic?

So, how do you sell a $3k Physical Product with YouTube Ads - and without a Sales Team?

We’re going to walk through the unique “Hybrid” Mini VSL + Text Sales Page combo one brand is seeing a ton of success with.

And we’re going to walk you through it all using the power of our all new VidTao 2.0 software.

One of the best things about our all-new VidTao 2.0 isn't just that we now have over 8 million video ads in our database, as well as over 65 million search and display ads, from basically every advertiser on Google / YouTube...

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On Video Length, Traffic Costs and the Video Length “Holy Grail”…

Let’s simplify a complicated topic for a second:

All other things being equal, shorter ads get cheaper traffic, while longer ads get more expensive traffic, but it converts better.

(More on this topic inside
our blog post here)

So how can you sell a product that requires a long-form sales argument to convert, while minimizing any “penalty” for longer form video?

Let’s dive into VidTao 2.0’s interface and see what one of our favorite YouTube ecommerce advertisers, 4Patriots is up to:

First, they’re running a TON of display ads:

But let’s focus on what’s going on for them on YouTube, always a strong channel for them.

Here’s a quick look at their top YouTube ads over the past 30 days:

Notice something interesting?

They’ve spent over $120k this past month on their 2 top performing YouTube ads, both between 10 and 20 minutes long.

☝️ This is a unique video length: Between the 3-5 minute “Mini VSL” and typical 35 min+ “Full VSL” you’ll often see doing well on YouTube.

Let’s take a closer look!

Both longer form ads are for their new version 2 Solar Generator product, Patriot Power Generator 2000X:

Here’s the ad so you can take a closer look:

All about the “Feature-First” 10 Minute Top of Funnel Ad…

Now you might be used to long form story-based ads in your YouTube in-stream experience…

(Like this
mega performer from Peter Kell & MindValley that’s spent multiple millions, very very profitably…)

But here 4Patriots spends a significant portion of its runtime discussing the features of the product.

And the ad wastes zero time getting right into introducing the PRODUCT in the first 10 seconds:

“It's time to introduce you to the new Patriot power generator 2000x it's our newest solar power generator with two times the power of a previous best-selling model…”

Quick note on the power of a good direct ad matched with the right product & funnel:

🤖 AI Emotional Recognition Case Study

At our video ad agency
Inceptly we’ve seen this direct approach work EXTREMELY well for certain products.

In fact we did a case study on WHY it can sometimes work so well, using AI Emotional Recognition to study one client campaign where we were wildly profitable while spending over $10 million USD on 10 very similar ads:

here if you’d like to brainstorm ways to analyze your ads & uncover insights with this AI emotional recognition approach.

Ok - now let's break down what is inside this 10 minute 4Patriots YouTube ad:

60% Presenting & Explaining Features: About 60% of the ad's content focuses on the features of the product. This includes its solar power capabilities, the increased power output compared to previous models, its portability, the number of devices it can power, the ease of setup and use, and the ability to expand its battery capacity.

20% Problem/Solution: Roughly 20% of the ad's content lays out the problem (potential power outages and the unreliability of the power grid) and presents the Patriot Power Generator 2000X as the solution.

10% Call to Action (CTA): Approximately 10% of the ad encourages viewers to take action by clicking a button to order the product. This includes mentions of the product potentially selling out and the availability of a convenient payment plan.

5% Testimonials/Social Proof: the ad does a quick cycle through some UGC showing the product in use while stating that over 84,000 Americans love and rely on the product. This represents about 5% of the ad's content.

5% Authority/Trust: The ad builds authority and trust by highlighting the speaker's background in Special Operations and asserting that the generator has been designed with a survival mindset.

Quick Note on Market Awareness…

You might have seen other products in the home power generation market that talk about doomsday scenarios, agitate politically, or other more indirect methods of agitating the audience, versus the “Feature-first” approach 4Patriots takes here.

What might this “Feature First” approach say about the market 4Patriots is going after here?

Let’s look at it through
Eugene Schwartz’s Stages of Market Awareness framework…

Schwartz’s stages of market awareness are a classic framework and consist of five stages:

     1. Completely Unaware

     2. Problem-Aware

     3. Solution-Aware

     4. Product-Aware

     5. Most Aware.

A feature-heavy ad like this one suggests that the audience is likely at the Product-Aware or Most Aware stages.

Here's why:

Product-Aware: At this stage, customers know what the product is and what it does, but they aren't fully convinced it's right for them or that it's the best option available. A feature-heavy ad can help here by highlighting the unique features and benefits of the product, differentiating it from competitors.

Most Aware: Customers at this stage already know the product and its competition well. They just need to know the deal. A feature-heavy ad can reinforce their existing knowledge and highlight aspects of the product they may value, like certain features or benefits.

In a mature and sophisticated market with multiple competing products, consumers often have a good understanding of the product category and the available options. Feature-heavy advertisements can be effective in such markets because they provide detailed information that can help consumers make informed comparisons and decisions.

And at-home solar generators are definitely a crowded market:

So in a crowded market like this, testing straightforward, feature-first ads with a clear & compelling offer can work great…

…IF you have a few other very important pieces in place.

Because the AD is just PART of the story.

Let’s take a closer look at what happens AFTER the click, on the landing page.

Revealing the Full Sales Argument: Landing Page / Sales Page

We have literally millions of landing pages & sales pages indexed inside VidTao 2.0.

Just scroll down on your VidTao 2.0 ad highlight and you’ll see the ad’s landing page, ready for you to click & discover where each ad in our database is sending traffic: 👇

And for this ad, once you click on the link with the video you’re taken to the sales page:

Let’s look at the LEAD…

Now in contrast to the feature-heavy YouTube ad, let’s do a quick breakdown for the sales page’s all important “Lead”, which in this case we’re arbitrarily defining as the first 25% of the ad:

Storytelling and Setting the Scene (40%): The introduction of the speaker as a former Navy SEAL and the backstory of the product's development in response to military needs sets the scene and begins the narrative.

Problem Identification (30%): The text outlines the issue of unreliable power grids and the potential dangers during a power outage, setting up the context for the product.

Notice the fear provocation here:

And here:

Looks like something you’d typically see early on in a Video Salesletter, right?

Let’s take a look at the remaining breakdown:

Introduction of the Solution (20%): The Patriot Power Generator 2000X is introduced as a solution to the problem, but specific features are not discussed extensively in this initial portion.

Authority and Credibility (10%): The speaker's background as a Navy SEAL and the implication that the technology is used by the military lends authority and credibility to the product, as well as “As Seen On” trust seals and this feature that Fox News did on the product:

Notes on the rest of the Sales Page: Feature + Benefit + PROOF

Dig into the full salespage to see a masterclass of combining features + benefits with PROOF.

Social proof abounds:

And on and on and on.

We don’t have space to go into full detail in this blog post, but to highlight this point of just how effectively & abundantly 4Patriots uses social proof…

…Just look at how even their bonus section has testimonials for individual bonus items!

The Power of a Full Sales Argument

Ok now let’s take a step back and look at the ad and sales page together.

Notice something?

Add all these elements of the ad & landing page together, and you’ll get a full sales argument, like you’d typically get in a 45 minute VSL.

Which emphasizes an important point we often forget as marketers:

No ad exists in isolation from the funnel it sends traffic to.

The Payoff - A $3k Product, Sold on Cold Traffic, With No Sales Team

A lot of marketers assume that a $2k price point is the upper limit for a product sold without a higher touch sales process.

But this Short VSL + Text Sales Page combo from 4Patriots proves:

When you make an effective & complete sales argument…

(no matter how you chop it up or the format you use)

…You can have great results selling high ticket products to cold traffic, with ZERO sales team.

But what do you think?

Is this just a unique one-off case?

What other examples of this approach do you see?

Hit reply and let us know your thoughts!

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