A Billion Dollar DTC Quiz Funnel?

Yes - that's right. 

Today we're going to be diving into learnings from a DTC Quiz Funnel that generated over 1 Billion USD in 2022, including...

1) How to Beat Creative Fatigue on YouTube: See how they found their winning ads + iterated strategically - to defeat creative fatigue and maintain profitability while scaling...

2) Easy-to-Deploy Quiz Funnel conversion boosting tactics: Swipe & deploy these tactics to boost your conversion rate asap...

3) The key elements of a billion dollar offer:  Breaking down the high-level key elements to a winning offer at any scale (make sure any new offer you launch has these...

Ready? Let's dive in...

3 Takeaways from this Billion Dollar DTC Quiz Funnel...

Let's take a closer look at a DTC quiz funnel that generated over 1 billion dollars in 2022...

We're talking here about online therapy app Betterhelp's behemoth direct response quiz funnel.

Betterhelp's parent company (publicly traded Teledoc) had huge expectations for this funnel earlier in 2022:

And the funnel we're about to walk through actually exceeded those expectations...

Check out this quote from their parent company Teledoc's 2022 earnings report

2022 Revenue: $1,019.6 million = 1.01 billion.

Well done Betterhelp!

Takeaways from this funnel could fill a book.

But in today we're going to focus on 3 action-oriented takeaways that you can apply - today - to help you profitably scale, wherever you're at.

Ready? Let's dive in...

Takeaway 1: How to Beat Creative Fatigue: Discover Your Winning Ad Format & Double Down on it

Betterhelp is running direct response ads across every platform imaginable - like this advertorial with a QR code CTA inside GQ magazine:

Safe to say Betterhelp is one of the top direct response advertisers right now - and they spend A LOT of time and money testing ads in all sorts of formats.

Let's focus on YouTube & take a look inside VidTao YouTube ad library...

You'll see that Betterhelp has tested all sorts of YouTube ads:

* simulated in-app experiences...
* dramatic re-creations of therapy sessions...
* panic attacks...
* clever semi-comedy ads...
* celebrity ads...

(and many, many more tests)...

Betterhelp has left no stone unturned when it comes to exploring ad formats.

But right now, there is ONE format that seems to be working best for them.

And they're doubling down on it, hard.

Let's take a look at the ad format that seems to be doing best for them right now...

...As illustrated by their top YouTube ad from the past 30 days (with ~500k in estimated adspend this past month)

Here's the ad:

And here's a quick breakdown:

1. Problem (0:01-0:11): Tom describes how severe his anxiety was, pre-Betterhelp. It kept him trapped in his house, creating an urgent problem.

2. Promise (0:19-0:24): Tom mentions that he signed up for BetterHelp and started chipping away at his anxieties with his therapist, Elizabeth, offering a solution to the problem.

3. Proof (0:39-0:43, 0:50-0:52): Here the ad mentions BetterHelp's online avilability, with 20k+ licensed therapists & over 1 million people helped.

4. Proposition (0:25-0:37, 0:45-0:48): With BetterHelp, you get matched & speaking with a licensed therapist in under 48 hrs. (Plus once you start it's easy & free to switch therapists so you can find one you like - making the offer user-friendly.)

Now let's look at the rest of their top ads from the past 30 days:

Ad #2 - Match With a Therapists Whoโ€™s Right for You (4.4M views past 30 days)
Ad #3 - Match with a therapist (1.9M views past 30 days)
Ad #4 - Getting Started in Therapy with BetterHelp (1.8M views past 30 days)

Now... Notice anything similar about these ads?

They all have:

1. Testimonial style: They are all personal stories from people who've used BetterHelp and had a great experience.

2. Conversational tone: The speakers are easy to relate to - just like having a conversation with a friend.

3. At-home, comfortable visuals: You can see the person in their own space, which shows how easy and comfortable it is to use BetterHelp - and allows you to feel like you too could be using BetterHelp at home in your own space.

4. Emphasis on personal experience: Each ad talks about the person's own journey, making it feel real, relatable, and honest.

5. Problem-solution structure: All three ads show a problem (like anxiety or finding a therapist) and then show how BetterHelp helped fix it.

Here's the key point:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Compare these winning ads from the past 30 days to some of the more "out there" examples Betterhelp has tested before, and you'll see:

They've found a winning ad format, and are doubling down on it, hard.

Now does that mean they're never going to test another wildly different ad?

Absolutely not.

Which leads us to our takeaway here...

Here's how we think about creatives at scale, at our YouTube ad agency Inceptly (with over $200 million in adspend managed:

๐Ÿงช Part 1: 80% Intelligent Iteration to beat creative fatigue Once we find a winning ad, 80% of our effort goes into scaling intelligent variations of that ad.

(We'll go into more detail on this in a future blog post... But do this right and you'll be able to scale - and maintain scale month after month - using simple variations of an original winning creative)

๐Ÿš€ Part 2: 20% Testing "Moonshots" The other 20% of creative effort? That goes into testing "moon-shot" creatives that are a complete departure from what's already working, to try and find a complete breakthrough ad that takes results to a new level... (more on that in a future blog post...)

Ok this blog post is already getting pretty long...

So let's continue covering the other 2 Billion dollar Quiz Funnel takeaways, starting tomorrow:

2) Easy-to-Deploy Quiz Funnel conversion boosting tactics: Swipe & deploy these tactics to boost your conversion rate asap...

3) The key elements of a billion dollar offer: Breaking down the high-level key elements to a winning offer at any scale (make sure any new offer you launch has these crucial components...

Stay tuned!

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