Here is the list:

1: TikTok Organic for Driving Sales: Got a quick actionable takeaway for you, from yesterday's podcast with Ryan Magin (do some digging and you'll see he's the man who took people like the Hormozis, Grant Cardone, etc. from zero to mega scale on TikTok) Full podcast released soon.

2: New VidTao Premium course released: Struggling to create YouTube video ads that convert? Tap into the Video Creative System our video traffic agency Inceptly uses to scale brands from zero to $10k/day+ on YouTube + other video ad platforms. (it's live inside VidTao Premium right now)

3: [Interview] He took GoPro from $600k to $600M + IPO via DR Video: Talking next week with the guy who took GoPro from a niche trade show product to over $600M/yr and an IPO. (You're going to want to hear how he "hacked" GoPro's short form 30 sec TV ads (remember this was back in 2007) into a massively successful TV to Digital Direct Response Funnel.) He's also an absolute legend in the infomercial space. Got questions about selling any physical product with video? Don't miss out, ask your questions now!


Let's dive in...

Had a great podcast yesterday with TikTok Organic growth legend Ryan Magin. 

Long story short, it's still early days on TikTok and the opportunity for brands & offers on this platform is massive. 

BUT - you need to do creatives right - especially when it comes to:

* The type of content you post (there is an 80/20 rule at play here - but it's NOT the 80/20 Pareto Principle you're thinking of...)

* How you EDIT your content (and one major key is the team Ryan built dedicated to what happens BEFORE the editor even touches the content - he will explain more on the podcast...)

Stay tuned for the full episode soon but in the meantime here is a quick nugget you can test asap:

TikTok Takeaway: Test 1 sec intros

^^ The above 3 videos are nearly identical, EXCEPT that first second of content.

(Go to Ryan's TikTok and see for yourself:  @ryan.magin)

And guess what? 

That first second makes ALL the difference between a video that organically gets 61k views vs, one that gets 782k.

(Sound familiar, YouTube advertisers? 🙂 )

In this case, the winning video had merely a faster delivery of that same opening line vs. the other 2.

The takeaway ðŸ‘‰ðŸ‘‰ðŸ‘‰ Don't just launch one piece of content on TikTok. Test a few different 1 second intros and give the algorithm a chance to find you the real winner.

(btw - Feel free to slap a CTA on your best performing video and thank TikTok for identifying your best paid control ad, for free.)

Stay tuned for the full episode, it was a great one...

New VidTao Premium Content: The Inceptly Video Creative System for YouTube + Cross-Platform Video

VidTao Premium is all about giving you the tools & training to succeed on YouTube and other video ad platforms.

And our second training just dropped:

The Inceptly Video Creative System - How to Build High Converting Video Creatives for YouTube (and other video channels) & scale to  $10k/day and beyond - with Aleksa Simic, our brilliant Creative Director & Chief Strategist.

This creative process has been responsible for some of our biggest wins yet at our agency Inceptly (with over $150 million USD managed), and inside this course you're going to see exactly how we do it at Inceptly.


* Key preparation steps to take before you begin the research process
* Internal vs. External research - the most essential keys to market research for high-performing short form video, step by step
* The "Inceptly Creative Brief" - and how to use it to build cohesive, scale-driving ad strategy across YouTube, Display, YT Shorts/TikTok, FB/IG and more...

* How to: Building high-performance creatives on a budget
* Execution and testing: Ever wonder how to structure your creative tests, strategically and tactically, so you can systematically find winning ads? (Wonder no more, it's all right here...)

* And much more...

How to get access?

Go HERE to secure your VidTao Premium membership👇👇👇

...And we'll send you access to this training + give you full unlimited access to the tool.


This week you'll also see courses in the Premium Content area on:

* Multi-touch tracking setup training 

* YouTube ad Media Buying - Step by Step for going from zero to $10k+/day

When you join VidTao Premium, we'll send these your way as soon as they're ready!

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[Mystery Guest] GoPro Direct Response Video Funnel: From 600k to 600M + IPO: 

Got questions on how to sell physical products via video, at scale?

Next week I am chatting with the guy who took GoPro from a niche trade show product doing 600k/yr to over $600M/yr and an IPO. 

One of many fun stories you might appreciate:

Our guest (will share more on him next week) is an infomercial veteran, so his first approach was writing a 30 minute show selling GoPro.

Then he got an early morning message from GoPro founder/CEO Nick Woodman, very late in the pre-production process:

"I don't want to do a 30 minute infomercial. I want to do 30 second TV spots."

So what did our mystery guest do? 

Simple: He turned that 30 minute infomercial script into a batch of 30 second ads and a TV/web (yes it was called "the web" back then) Direct Response funnel that completely changed the path of this now $1B/yr company.

Got questions about selling any physical product with video? This is the guy to ask.

Hit *Comment* to this blog post and let us know!

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