"Without this attribution dashboard, you are flying blind..."

How Masterclass.com solves the problem of multi-channel attribution for their $120+ million per year adspend...

More on that dashboard & its creator in just a sec...^^

But first, a quick backstory on attribution.

Advertising's age old question is:

How do you know if your ads are actually driving sales, or just wasting money?

Image credit: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-1920s-allisons-credit-coupon-1726194810

Back in the 1920s, Direct Response pioneer Claude Hopkins started tracking direct mail sales via key-coded coupons like these ^^

And it's little coupons like these that made Gary Halbert call Hopkins "The greatest ad man who ever lived."

(And it's the same reason David Oglivy said “Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising, until he has read this book [Hopkins' "Scientific Advertising"] seven times. It changed the course of my life.")

Because Hopkins' tracking method revolutionized advertising. 

It allowed him to know with cold precision:

  • Which ads drove sales
  • Which ads didn't

By testing different ad elements like headlines / body copy / offer structure against one another, Hopkins had "scientific" insights into what works / doesn't work.

And he was able to systematically improve his clients' ad performance & bottom line as a result.

Sound familiar?

This is basically the same process we use today as advertisers:

  • We hypothesize what copy / imagery / video / etc. might work
  • We test these elements
  • And then we iterate based on the results we see attributed to our tests.

But it all comes down to actually being able to measure our results:


But I'd argue Claude Hopkins had a way easier time back then, than we do now.


Because nowadays, instead of a single print ad with zero additional exposure channels...

...Most of us are dealing with multiple touchpoints across multiple channels and multiple devices.

(Not to mention that the "results" we track inside the ad platform (or even with 3rd party tracking apps) are often off by a significant margin...)

And if it's hard enough to measure what ads are driving results while spending a few thousand dollars per day across 2-3 ad channels...

...How does a brand like Masterclass.com do it?

Masterclass advertises across TV, YouTube and all other digital channels, spending over $120 million per year on ads.

(Just take a quick look at their 350+ YouTube videos from inside Vidtao...)

And as it turns out, Claude Hopkins' great-great grandson Thomas Hopkins pulled a 21st century Claude Hopkins.

He actually solved the problem of multi-channel attribution at scale for Masterclass.

(Thomas Hopkins. No relation to Claude Hopkins)

Want to hear how he did it?

And most important, want to get YOUR attribution questions answered?

We are hosting Thomas on our first-ever "Video Inception" podcast this week.

And he's going to go into detail on not only his quote here:

"Without this attribution dashboard, you are flying blind..."

But also:

✅ How he solved attribution at scale for companies like Lyft and Masterclass...

✅ How he's handling marketing at his new Web 3 / player-owned- economy Gaming company (www.perfectstorm.gg)...

✅ The DIY multi-touch attribution tracking dashboard he's built & used to properly attribute "first touch" platforms actually produce sales across nearly 10 figures in adspend...

And much more.

See You on the Podcast!

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Have a great week!

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