The ads were very similar in a few key ways:

* ~ 40 seconds long each
* Both launched early June 2022
* Both have the same "Save $20 on your starter kit" offer

BUT - results couldn't be more different.

And we asked you, our esteemed VidTao user... WHY? 

You sent in some great answers, and we'll get to them in just a moment. 

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Now let's get back to the MUDWTR ads:

Video 1 - Jake Mounce

Results: around 3k spend before MUDWTR paused it.

Video 2 - Breaking up with Coffee:

You can watch it here.

For this video, on the other hand, MUDWTR has spent around $250k in the past 2 months, and is still spending around $1k/day on this ad.

So Why did these videos perform so different? 

Let's get to some of the answers you sent in...

First, this from Parris L.:

"Ad #1:  Devotes exactly one sentence to the benefits. Then goes right into the product before it’s gotten me to want the product. No proof, no story appeal, no nothing.  And it tells me that the drink is mushrooms.  Ewww, gross.

Ad #2:  Good job of using the problem, agitate, solution formula.  Mirrors the experience of the viewer (jitters, afternoon energy crash, etc).  Gives a proof element (In this case, what each of the ingredients does.)  Starts with masala chai and cacao, which sound yummy, and then only mentions mushrooms quickly and goes right into what the lions mane, etc., do.

Again, no contest.

Ad #1;  No real hook or big idea.  Just a benefit question that sounds like something I’ve heard a million times.

Ad #2:  Good hook.  β€œI’m breaking up with coffee.  Big coffee lied to me.”

Once again, no contest.

Ad #1:  No movement.  Just a talking head on the screen.

Ad #3:  Lots of cuts, zooms, and pans that keep the viewer engaged.  Good shots that reinforce the message.

It’s no surprise to me that the results were not even close."

David A had this to say:

"Video 2: Breaking up with Coffee

(1) Hook
Unique pattern interrupt β€œI’m breaking up with coffee”
(2) Pain Point
- Addresses the pain points of coffee clearly
(3) Solution
- Provides MUDWTR as a solution
(4) Walkthrough
- Explains the benefits MUDWTR clearly  

Video 1: Jake Mounce

(1) Hook
No pattern interrupt
(2) Solution
Goes straight into discussing MUDWTR, without really discussing the pain points the viewer may be experiencing
(3) Walkthrough
- Doesn’t explain the benefits in a clear and concise manner "

Caleb O said:

"the jake hook is not ... hooking enough. nothing really unique or big idea about it

the second ad - Ï'm breaking up with coffee - not really a big unique benefit yet for the viewer, but an interesting visual with the cup to go along with it, long enough to see the next interesting visual and the more interesting hook "Big Coffee Lied to me" - curiosity, intrigue, building a common enemy... hooky enough to keep watching

First 5 seconds is the 80% of the 80/20"

Steve M had some great insights on the editing style:

"1. Way more jump cuts in the winning ad as nonstop action. The other one had the one scene which was mostly static for a third of the video. Icons flying in and out but definitely not the same visual level."

Got any more insights on these 2 ads? Hit *Comment* and let us know!

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Have a nice day!

The VidTao Team

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