3 Quick Updates for today...

📈 #1 - YouTube Ad Impact "Beyond the Click": ClickUp vs. Monday.com Case Study

🕵️ #2 - Two New Ways to Level Up your Google Ad Tracking & Attribution for YouTube & Beyond

🎬 #3 - YouTube Shorts Ad How-To Training 

📈 YouTube Ad Impact Beyond the Click: ClickUp vs. Monday.com Case Study

YouTube ads drive results beyond just the click.

(Btw here is a great conversation between ex-Googler John Belcher & Purple Mattress' Bryant Garvin going into detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Zx1c8FukHo)

To illustrate this YouTube Ad "Halo Effect" phenomenon, let’s do a bit of armchair ad forensics…

…And see how ClickUp ($4B valuation) uses YouTube ads to dominate “Mind Share” in the hyper-competitive project management software space.

(All while competing against other unicorn competitors like Notion ($10B), Monday ($7.5B), and Asana ($3B))

Here’s one of ClickUp’s YouTube ads you might have seen recently, all about how ClickUp simplifies that Project Management stalwart, the Gantt Chart:

ClickUp launched this “Gantt Charts With Clickup.com, It's Easy!” ad way back in 2020…

…But this ad has had 43% of its 18.9M total paid views in just the past 1.5 months.

For context: Inside VidTao we are seeing over $250k in estimated adspend on this ad in the past 30 days, and around $400k+ since October 15:

Here’s what I found interesting:

Go to Google Trends and look up “Gantt Chart.”

You’ll see "ClickUp" is the #1 related query searched for by users who also search for “Gantt Chart”:

See that “Breakout” label?

This means ClickUp has seen an especially sudden,“Tremendous increase” in search frequency from Google users who are also looking for Gantt Charts.

Could ClickUp’s recent scale on their Gantt Chart YouTube ads be behind this massive and sudden search volume increase?

Seems like it.

Which is especially impressive given how ClickUp is dwarfed by competitors like Notion & Monday when it comes to current overall search volume:

Speaking of Notion:

Not sure what's going on there, but they have spent quite a bit on YouTube in 2022, in several creative batches, before pausing all active ads at the end of October.

Here is one
Notion YouTube ad launched on August 18, 2002 with 21M+ paid views before they shut it off (along with all other YouTube traffic we were tracking in VidTao) on October 31st:

^^ Btw - Notice that nearly straight line slope of day vs. spend?

All the Notion ads we see in VidTao have this kind of slope. Compare this to the ClickUp and Monday ads in this post, where there is some adjustment in spend/day based on how the ads is performing.

Any thoughts on what's going on there? Does Notion simply commit to a fixed spend amount, let 'er rip, and then pause when results don't shake out?

What has ClickUp done to make YouTube ads work, where Notion has struggled? (based on our data at least)

Any ideas come to mind?

But ClickUp does indeed have competition in the Gantt Chart space...

⚔️ Monday.com Battles Back in the YouTube Gantt Chart Battle ⚔️

Traditional YouTube ad powerhouse Monday.com is #4 on the “related queries” chart for Gantt Chart:

And looks like they’re trying to go head to head with ClickUp on the topic of Gantt Charts.

So far so good with Monday's Gantt Chart focused YouTube ad launched November 2nd and already spending $3k/day+:

Current performance screenshot from our VidTao dashboard:

Side note: immediately after doing this Google Trends Gantt Chart search, I got hit with this ad from Wrike:

“New Gantt 22 - General - 0:29 - EN” 

Looks like Custom Segment targeting is doing a great job targeting my search behavior…

Who's going to take the Gant Chart YouTube Ad title? Monday.com? ClickUp? Wrike? Someone else?

Time will tell, so stay tuned...

🕵️ Leveling Up Your Google Ads Tracking

Playing around with tools like Google Trends / SEM Rush / SimliarWeb etc. is great for doing some competitive analysis & seeing trends.

But what about tracking your own ads... 

...So you can allocate your adspend to the channels & campaigns that are actually working, and scrap all the rest?

We have you covered:

Here are 2 Big tracking-related updates to share with you from our team:

 #1 - Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM): How-To

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is a statistical analysis approach that helps you estimate your marketing channels' actual impact on your chosen KPIs, and predict future performance based on past data.

And what’s great about MMM?

With MMM you can see your marketing channels’ impact on your results, without worrying about iOS tracking updates, privacy, first click attribution or the last click attribution, etc.

Our Inceptly agency Data Scientist Dr. Dobroslav Slijepcevic released a 3 part series on how to work with MMM for your own campaigns, here:

MMM How-To Part 1

MMM How-To Part 2

MMM How-To Part 3

Now here's the other thing we have to share on the topic of tracking & attribution...

Tracking & Attribution Update #2 - NEW - VidTao Premium Google Ads Tracking Training

At our YouTube ad agency Inceptly we audit dozens of client Google accounts every month, and it's rare to find an account that doesn't have a major Google conversion tracking setup mistake.

So if you want to: 

🕵️ Discover if you are making these common Google tracking mistakes

❌ Stop wasting money on ads that don't work

✅ Start scaling the campaigns that are actually driving sales?

Our tracking team lead Dejan Bovan has you covered.

He just released a full, step-by-step breakdown on how to set up Google Tracking for success, inside VidTao Premium.

Inside VidTao Premium you'll get:

* Full access to VidTao's entire YouTube Ad Library
* Full access to all Premium Training (Like YouTube ad media buying, YouTube ad creative build-out, Facebook ad scaling framework, YouTube Shorts Ads (coming soon), and much more...)

Want to SAVE 27% off the regular price?

Go here secure your VidTao Premium membership at our 2022 Q4 27% savings: 👇👇👇

...And we'll send you access to this training + give you full unlimited access to the tool.


🎬 YouTube Shorts Ad How-To Training

screenshot from inside one of our VidTao Navigator Client Slack channels where we are helping a VidTao Navigator client learn how to scale with YouTube Shorts (among other strategies).

We had a great live training recently, sharing step-by-step what we're doing at our agency Inceptly to help scale clients with YouTube shorts. 

We are seeing strong results on YouTube Shorts Ads right now for verticals like:

* Lead Gen
* ECommerce
* Beauty
* Health
* SaaS

With TikTok breathing down their neck, Google is investing heavily to make YouTube Shorts the go-to shortform video platform.

It's still relatively early days, but the opportunity with Shorts is massive.

(We are seeing a very interesting opportunity right now on YouTube shorts that most advertisers are missing out on...)

So, if you have questions about running YouTube shorts ads...


❓ Is your offer & funnel a good fit for YouTube shorts?

❓ What are the elements of a high-performing YouTube shorts ad creative?

❓ How to set up a campaign to show ads on YouTube shorts?

❓ What are good performance metrics like CTR / CPC / CVR / etc. to aim for with YouTube shorts ads?

We did a full live training showing what we're doing at our agency Inceptly to help clients scale on YouTube shorts ads.

Want to check it out so you can swipe & deploy our YouTube Shorts Ad Strategies for yourself?

The replay is going live inside VidTao Premium... 

So go the link below to claim access...

(...PLUS get full access to the VidTao YouTube ad library & catch all our other training on creatives, tracking & attribution, YouTube ad media buying, and much more.)

Get VidTao Premium & Watch the YouTube Shorts Ad Training Replay Here: 

👉👉 https://blog.vidtao.com/vidtao-premium

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What are your YouTube ad questions?

In the meantime though, what questions do YOU have about YouTube ads?

Let us know in the Comments section below, and we’ll make sure to cover your question in an upcoming post.

Have a nice day!

The VidTao Team


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