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  • 📺 Update from Google makes it easier than ever to scale on YouTube TV placements
  • ⚔️ 10 steps to cut churn for your subscription business
  • 🎨 “Creative Sprint” system that your team can use to rapidly create (and iterate) new high-performing ad creative batches
  • 🤓 Takeaways from one of this month’s biggest YouTube ad campaigns ($1M+)
  • And more...

Let’s dive into the content…

📺 Your YouTube Ads on TV: Why this Google Update could open a new “Blue Ocean” Direct Response traffic source…

If you watch YouTube on TV, you're not alone.

According to Nielsen, YouTube is the #1 streaming platform in the USA…

…Which means more people watch YouTube on their TV than they do Netflix and all other streaming apps.

Here’s the breakdown from Nielsen:

Source: Nielsen

And in a report from YouTube itself, viewers globally now on average watch more than 1 billion hours of YouTube content on their TVs every day.

Source: YouTube internal

A billion hours per day is a MASSIVE amount of traffic.

But until recently, it was very hard to tap into all that as a direct response advertiser.

We’ve posted before about savvy YouTube marketers leveraging TV placements by adding QR codes to their ads …

But now it’s easier than ever with a new Google update:

Go here to read the full article from Google

Google is now automatically adding QR codes for Video Action ads running on TV placements.

Here’s how they look in the wild:

See those auto-added QR codes to the right of each video?

Viewers can take out their phones and scan these - the equivalent of a click - and continue the buying journey on their phones.

This means now your viewers can take direct, trackable action - via their phones - all while watching YouTube on TV.

So stop ignoring TV as an ad placement, and start leveraging this mostly untapped source of Direct Response traffic.

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🔬[Funnel Breakdown] 10 Anti-Churn Strategies for your Subscription Business

Moonbrew is a DTC sleep brand that’s scaling hard in 2024, thanks to:

1) Selling an amazing consumable product that solves a real problem

2) Maximizing LTV & MRR by minimizing subscriber CHURN

The Funnel of the Week team had an exciting sit-down with the Moonbrew team at their NYC office last week.

Andrew Case, co-founder of Moonbrew, at the FunneloftheWeek live interview last week

One of the biggest topics?

How to reduce subscriber CHURN.

There's a new blog post at Funnel of the Week all about it.

Go here to check it out:

10 Churn-Cutting Tactics from Subscription DTC Powerhouse Moonbrew

Check out the Funnel of the Week Blog Post


🎨[Funnel Breakdown] This "Creative Sprint" Strategy pumps out winning DTC Creatives at Scale

Want to see how a top DTC brand (on the path to $100M in sales) creates high-quality ad creatives at scale?

It all has something to do with something Moonbrew VP of Marketing Ronak Patel calls the “Creative Sprint.”

It’s a weekly structured process he runs his Moonbrew team through, that results in a crazy amount of high-quality DTC ad ideas…

…And produces finished ads, ready to test, in under 48 hrs.

Here’s a quick run look of some of the ads Moonbrew has launched on Meta in the past couple weeks:

Want to see how to structure & run this “Creative Sprint” for your team?

Funnel of the Week did an interview with Ronak & co-founder Andrew Case last week where he walked through it in this clip here:

Ronak Patel, VP Marketing for Moonbrew, at FunneloftheWeek’s live interview

🕵️ [Ad breakdown] Takeaways from Manychat’s $1M/month YouTube ad campaign

One of the top YouTube advertisers in recent months has been Manychat

…with over $1 million in estimated YouTube adspend in just the past 30 days.

Check out their trajectory on VidTao’s YouTube ad performance chart:

Manychat’s YouTube spend and testing volume on YouTube. Source: VidTao

After seeing this campaigns success, Inceptly creative director Alex Simic did a great breakdown of one of Manychat’s top YouTube ads:

Read the breakdown here

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